Qianwei Tea Culture Square in Kunming


Origin of Qianwei Tea Market

Chen Shuyi was a merchant from Fujian province, who came to Kunming in the 1990s and founded the qianwei tea market. Attracted by Pu’er’s thick mellowness, he changed from a businessman to a temperamental “tea lover”. 

As a businessman, Chen Shuyi bluntly stated that when he first arrived in Kunming, he was a commercial real estate developer. Four commercial cities have been built at that time, and the qianwei tea market was one of them. At the beginning of the establishment of the tea city, Chen Shuyi pay attention to the value of Pu’er tea. With the completion of the tea city, he would go to various tea shops to taste tea. Gradually, he fell in love with Pu’er tea. 

After experiencing the “economic winter” of Yunnan tea market and the fierce competition of Yuncha, he never hesitated, and continued to adhere to a businessman’s love for Pu’er tea. The original intention of making tea is to make a profit. But now, he is thinking promote the unique tea culture of Pu’er and establish a positive image of Pu’er tea. 

Development of Tea Culture Square

From the tea market in 2005 to today’s tea culture square, behind the upgrading of a tea market is a businessman’s love for Pu’er tea. “Make friends with Pu’er tea, gather friends with tea culture”, this is what Chen Shuyi always said. Because of deep love for Pu’er tea, he must insist on doing his best. What Chen Shuyi wants to present to you is a tea culture square with more than 30 Yunnan premium tea brand franchised stores, including nearly 70 mid-range Pu’er tea brands, and the first Puer tea culture promotion and exchange platform. .

Tea Culture Square Today

Today, the original tea market has transformed into a “Yunnan Qianwei Tea Cultural Square” with a display area of more than 30,000 square meters, which not only attracts some well-known tea companies such as Dayi, Zhongcha, Chen Sheng, Tongqing, Yongnian, Longrun, but also attracts Puer Tea Association of Yunnan Province, China Puer Tea Evaluation Committee and China Tea Circulation Association (Kunming) Training Base to settle here.

Regarding the market upgrading, Chen Shuyi said, “The previous tea market was a conventional tea sales platform and business model. After upgrading to a tea culture square, the business model will be more flexible and diversified. Through on-site tea culture exchange and product display and trading, Pu’er tea and tea culture have been effectively promoted to the whole country and even the world, making it a modern international tea trading center with professionalism, multi-function and multiple trading modes. “

Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇