The Southwestern Tour Route of Kunming City (Kunming – Yulongwan Scenic Area – Muyang Lake – Qinglongxia)

Five lesser known travel routes around Kunming Part 3

3. The Southwestern Route (Kunming – Yulongwan Scenic Area – Muyang Lake – Qinglongxia)

Yulongwan Scenic Area

It is the first compound tourist resort themed in Southeast Asian culture in China. Yulongwan Scenic Area has lush greenery and bold cliffs, as well as temples in Thai style, golden pagoda, Myanmar market street, Lao houses, Vietnamese teahouse and other five “cities” of South Silk dated back in Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty.

Address: Yulongwang, Tuole Village, Anning City, Yunnan

Jinsetangchuan – Muyang Lake

From February to March, Jinsetangchuan greets visitors with its splendid rapeseed field. But in July and August, the sea of rape flower give way to sunflowers. Muyang Lake is just behind the field that contains a small sized lotus pond. Take a half-day fishing and picking organic vegetables should be relaxing and fun.

Address: Tanglangchuan, Anning City, about 43km away from downtown Kunming.


Qinglongxia hides in a tranquil piece of land about 20km away from Tanglangchuan, Anning City westward. Besides hiking, whitewater rafting is the most popular activity. Spend a night or two in one of the Dai style traditional bamboo houses is, without doubt, a great way to escape the city bustle. 

Address: Qinglong Town, Northwest suburb of Anning, about 29km away from Anning City.