Copper Pot Gourmet Festival of Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

The Copper Pot Gourmet Festival of Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang County, Yuxi/抚仙湖铜锅美食文化旅游节

The Copper Pot Gourme Culture as a special local culture for Fuxian Lake’s publicity, The Copper Pot food has become the essential parts of the Fuxian Lake cultural experience for the every one that travel to Fuxian Lake. In this culture, it mainly includes Copper Pot Fish(抚仙湖铜锅鱼) and Copper Pot Rice,etc. The Copper Pot Fish, A famous gourmet in Yuxi. Why every say its delicious? The reason is the water of the Fuxian Lake, cause of the fresh water, so the fish cant replaced, then, also because of the seasoning and copper pot of the Fuxian people, all of these reason, made the Delicious why delicious today. The “Gold Line fish” and “Unwave fish” is specialty of Fuxian Lake, The Copper Pot fish cooking just from there. Especially Cooper Pot “Unwave fish” cook, famous most .

The Festival is held on July and Aug in the Jiangchuan County and Chengjiang County, near the Fuxian Lake. “The past and now , cultural market ,art market and trade market”, these four made up the whole Festival. From them, you will find the different cultural like history. Environmental,etc. Show them completely to the world, let more and more people know them, Promoting tourism development of there.

Walk on the way which decorate by Oil Paper umbrella or Kites or Oil Paper fan ,You will know the Red-Age in “the past and now”, leave your photo and memories here.

Listening the old story here, join the pitch-pot game, archery game, which from ancient China, A long history of them, to feeling the really culture in “cultural market”.

To see the only writing ceremony, taste the fish cooked by a Super Cooper Pot, made by 1 meter height and 2 meters width, enjoy the different Fuxian Lake’s enving.

You can also do the oil painting or creative clay manual your self, under the guide of professional person to make the World-famous blue and white porcelain by yourself, and visit Chengjiang Photographic show, Of course, as a foodie, don’t miss the “Bite of Chengjiang”,etc.

This is not all,there are many things is hard to write it, only the way to fell it is come here and try yourself, to see, to join, to feeling, then you can find a different place that you never been.
Translated by Fan Zheng/范峥
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