Honghe County Attractions

Honghe County is inhabited by Hani, Yi, Dai and Yao, etc, ethnic minority groups. Ethnic minority people are 94% of the total population. Honghe County has the reputation of “The Hometown of Overseas Chinese, The Hometown of Singing and Dancing, The Hometown of Palm”. It owns its reputation with spectacular Rice Terraces, profound cultural landscape and original traditional ethnic villages. Honghe County attractions include Samaba Rice Terrace Fields(the largest Hani Rice Terrace), Guidong Rice Terraces, Jiayin Rice Terraces, Nimei Rice Terraces, world-renowned long street banquet, Dayangjie Village, Yisa Old Town, Mabang Old Town, Dongmen Tower and Yisa Folk House and so on. More attractions, check the following list. Welcome to travel with Yunnan Exploration.