Jiayin Rice Terraces in Honghe County

About Jiayin Village

Jiayin village was listed in the third batch with important protection value traditional village in 2014. Jiayin Village is located in the middle of Jiayin Township, Honghe County, Yunnan Province. It covers an area of 14 square kilometers and is 37 km away from Honghe County. There are four nationalities, Hani, Yi, Yao and Han. Among them, the Hani ethnic group accounted for 83 percent of the total population, is a mainly agricultural minority township.

Jiayin Rice Terraces in Honghe County

About Jiayin Rice Terraced Fields

Jiayin Terraced Fields is located in Jiayin Village in Honghe County, which is the biggest village of the Hani minoritywith deep ethnic customs in China. Beside the long street banquet, mushroom houses, folk songs, and palm fan dances, Jiayin village is charming for its Tasa and Asa terraced fields. Jiayin terrace is at the elevation of 760 meters – 2342 meters, Deep metamorphic rock strata in Zhenjushan Mountain. The soil was mainly lateritic red soil and yellow soil.

Why is Jiayin Rice Terraced Fields so special?

Jiayin Rice Terraces in Honghe County

Jiayin terrace has fully demonstrated the humanistic landscape of terrace winding hillsides, fully reflected the high harmony between man and nature, and revealed the terraced culture: Forest-village-Terraced-River, which is a benign agricultural ecosystem.

Best Time to Visit Jiayin Rice Terraced Fields

The Jiayin Rice Terraced Fields was released water from December to April. It was the dry season of Yuanyang. The autumn was clear, the air was clear, and large tracts of terraces reflected the blue sky. The best date is around the Chinese New year, clear white clouds, sometimes clouds, tourists can take wonderful pictures.

How to Get there?

Jiayin Village is located in Honghe County, Yunnan Province. Jiayin Village is 37 km away from Honghe County. If tourists want to go Jiayin Rice Terraced Fields, they should go to Honghe County first. You have two ways to get to Honghe county. One is long-distance bus, the other one is train. And then you can take taxi or self-driving to Jiayin Rice Terraced Fields from Honghe County. It takes you about 1 hour.