Honghe County Travel Tips

Honghe county travel tips provide you some considerations when you are traveling in Honghe County. These tips will be helpful for you to prepare a tour.

Useful Numbers

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Area code: 0873

Zip Code: 654400

Weather Forecast: 121

Consumer Complaint: 12315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 

Tourist Complaint: 0873-4623433

National Tourist Consultant: 12301


Honghe County is dominated by Mountain. Temperature difference between daytime and night is great, so if you plan to travel in Honghe County, you are supposed to take two-season clothes to prevent a cold. Especially in winter, even though it’s not so cold, you should prepare the warm coat for a sudden drop in the temperature.


With high altitude and low latitude, the ultraviolet is strong in sunny days, you need sun cream, sunglasses, sunhat or other sunblocks to prevent sunshine.


During rainy season, torrential flood happens occasionally. For safety, you'd better not go out in rainy days.

The Best Time to Visit Honghe County

The best season to visit Honghe county is November to December and January to March. In this period, Honghe county is in clear weather, and various flowers are in blossom. It is the heaven of photographers.


1. Agricultural bank of China中国农业银行红河县支行

Address: No.70, Ximen Street, Yisa Town, Honghe County(迤萨镇西门街70号)

Tel: 0873-4621306

2. People's Bank of China中国人民银行

Address: Dongmen Street, Yisa Town, Honghe County(迤萨镇东门街)


People's Hospital of Honghe County红河县人民医院

Address: No.4, Songhua Street, Yisa Town, Honghe County(红河县迤萨镇松花街4号)

Tel: 0873-4621354

Post Offices

1. Postal Savings Bank of China中国邮政储蓄银行

Address: No.104, Paoma Road, Honghe County(红河县跑马路104号)

Tel: 0873-4621026

2. China Post Office中国邮政红河县营业部

Address: No.70, Ximen Street, Yisa Town, Honghe County(迤萨镇西门街70号)