Honghe Hani Rice Terraces Climate

The Climate of Honghe Hani Rice Terrace is involved in four counties, Yuanyang, Honghe County, Jinping County and Lvchun County. However, because of high altitude and low latitude, climate in Honghe Hani Rice Terrace belongs to subtropical monsoon climate zone, with obvious three dimensional climate.

Climate in Yuanyang

Because of high altitude and low latitude, climate in Yuanyang is subtropical mountain monsoon climate, with the three-dimensional climatic feature of "one mountain with four seasons, one mile with different climate". Yuanyang County is one of the important production places of tropical fruit and cloud-fog tea.

Climate in Honghe County

Honghe county is tropical monsoon climate, with obvious three dimensional climate. It often appears less rain and droughty in winter and spring, more rain in summer and autumn. Torrential flood happens occasionally.

Climate in Jinping County

Jinping County lies on low-latitude plateau area in south Yunnan Province. It enjoys tropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall and clear dry and wet season. Because of altitude difference and complex topography, the climate forms the feature of "ten miles has different weather".

Climate in Lvchun County

Lvchun County belongs to subtropical mountain monsoon climate. It is one of the typical humid and hot areas in Yunnan Province. The dry and wet seasons are obvious.

Best Time to Visit Honghe Hani Rice Terrace

Tour is available all the year round for different seasons have different scenery in Honghe Hani Rice Terrace. However, most of places in Honghe prefecture enjoy the subtropical monsoon climate, annual average temperature is 15℃-22.6℃. Try to avoid the moist and hot summer, the best time to travel is March to April and September to December.  The average temperature there in winter can reach 12℃.

Every year, after autumn, Hani people make the water drain into fields to raise the fields. In the middle of December, wild cherry blossom are in bloom, there are wild cherry blossom and palm trees in the fields and the edge of fields. In February, cherry blossom, peach flowers, pear flowers, plum flowers and azalea bloom one after another. There are sea of clouds in the early morning. Until the middle of March, this period is a good time for photography lovers.