Walnut from Jingdong County, Puer

Jingdong walnut has a long history. With the natural unique advantages of Wuliang Mountain and Ailao Mountain, the walnut grows big, making itself a quality one among Yunnan walnuts, and it is also one of the main economic crops in Jingdong County. “Scarlett” Natural Walnut Milk – a senior health drink made from high quality walnut kernel, along with ingredients as sucrose, honey, edible emulsifier etc., through high tech production technology. Rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, vegetable protein, vegetable fat, multiple vitamin and trace elements that are needed by human body. With good appearance, smell and taste, attractive white, sweet and crispy taste, quiet and tasteful fragrance, it is popular among consumers. “Scarlett” Natural Walnut Milk won the Golden Medal of 1993 China Spark Program Achievement, the Golden Medal of 1994 National Light of Science Achievement, the Golden Medal of 1995 China (Beijing) International Food Expo. It helps in clear vision and better intelligence, strong body and smart brain, energy and lung maintenance, black hair and fresh complexion, heart failure resistance. You can drink it either cold or hot. It is a senior health drink suitable for people at all ages. Jingdong Walnut is a geography sign certification mark.