Mango from Jingdong County, Puer

Mango is no stranger to people, for it is a very popular tropical fruit. Mango, originating from Indian evergreen tree, contains high proportion of sugar, protein and crude fiber, plus carotenoid with large amount of vitamin A. Mango has long been known as the “king of tropical fruit”, and Mango in Jingdong, Pu’er has a different taste for its late-maturing.

Jingdong is in the southwest of Yunnan, with an annual average temperature at 18.3 ℃, an annual average relative humidity at 77%, and an annual average sunshine of 2131.6 hours. Its unique and advantageous climate and geography position is very suitable for the growth of mango.

Jingdong late-maturing mango has the merits both of the small mango and of the ivory mango, which means merits including the faint scent, long and dense crude fiber, non-blasting, non-fruit-falling from firm fruit stem like the former, and merits including big fruit, high fructifying rate, sweet fruit fresh, good taste like the latter. Jingdong late-maturing mango is transformed from the 1 to 2-year-old grafted and selected branches on general mango trees. After grafting transformation, the tree shape is short with high branching rate, strong insect resistance, and strong resistance. Through soil testing and formula fertilizer, bagging and other standardized management, it has features like high fructifying rate, big and smooth fruit and high quality. It will fructify from the third year after grafting transformation.

Now Jingdong mango has become a local specialty in Jingdong, and you must not miss to taste a different flavor mango if you come to Jingdong. With the increasing popularity of “later-maturing mango”, Jingdong mango has been spread to places all over the country.