Jinping County Climate

Jinping County lies on low-latitude plateau area in south Yunnan Province. It enjoys tropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall and clear dry and wet season. Because of altitude difference and complex topography, the climate forms the feature of "ten miles has different weather".

1. Geographic Feature

Yunlin mountain runs southwest, dividing into Ailao mountain and Wuliang Mountain. With Tengtiaojiang River(藤条江) as boundary, divides into Fenshuiling Mountian(分水岭) and Xilong Mountain. Therefore, Jinping county formed such geographic feature of "two mountains, two valleys and three sides of slope".

2. Precipitation and Temperature

Over the years, the annual precipitation is 2330 mm on average, and the annual average temperature is 18°C.

3. The Best Time to Visit Jinping County

In order to keep away from humid & hot weather and possible natural disaster in summer, it is advised to try to avoid travelling during rainy season. So the best time to visit Jinping County is from November to next April when Jinping county weather is clear and warm.