Kaiyuan Culture

Kaiyuan City is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities making up about 60% of the whole population. The minorities also formed the unique ethnic customs of Kaiyuan. This part will introduce Kaiyuan ethnic culture.

1. Ethnic Groups

There are 33 ethnic groups living in Kaiyuan, including Han, Yi, Miao, Hui and Zhuang, etc. Among them, Yi, Miao, Hui and Zhuang, four minorities inhabit in Kaiyuan for generations. Ethnic minority population is around 60% of total population.

2. Ethnic Town

There is only one ethnic town in Kaiyuan, Dazhuang Hui Ethnic Town大庄回族乡.

3. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Moduo Village摩朵村 of Xiaolongtan Town in Kaiyuan City, Honghe

Lebaidao Village乐百道村 of Lebaidao Subdistrict in Kaiyuan City, Honghe

4. Ethnic Festivals

The ethnic minorities in Kaiyuan, such as, Yi, Miao, Hui and Zhuang, have a long history and splendid ethnic culture with strong ethnic customs. Yi people's Torch Festival, Dragon Worship Festival, Axi Tiaoyue Dance Festival and Fire Worship Festival, Miao people's Huashan Festival, Hui people's Eid al-Fitr Festival and Eid al-Adha Festival, all present local unique custom and culture.