Linxiang District Overview

Basic Information

Chinese Name: 临翔区

Location: Southwest of Yunnan

Area: 2652 square kilometers

Population: 320,000(in 2010)

Language: Yunnan Dialect

Geographical position

Linxiang District is located in southwest of Yunnan province. It is on the watershed between Lancang river and Nujiang river, close to the Lancang river. It borders Jinggu Dai, Yi and Lahu autonomous county(景谷傣族彝族拉祜族自治县) in the east, Jingdong Yi autonomous county(景东彝族自治县) and Zhenyuan Hani, Lahu autonomous county(镇沅哈尼族拉祜族自治县) in the south, Gengma Dai, Wa autonomous county(耿马傣族佤族自治县) in the west and Yunxian county(云县) in the north. Linxiang district slopes from north to south, 55 kilometers from east to west, 83 kilometers from north to south, with an average elevation of 1500 meters.


Linxiang District is subtropical mountain monsoon climate with adequate light, rainfall, warm winter, cool summer and it is like spring all the year round. It is known as "Asian constant temperature city", and it is suitable to travel throughout the year. But the best time to travel in Linxiang District is in spring, most of flowers are in blossom at that time. A very large area of canola flower field in Boshang town, and the tea trees are in buds in tea gardens. 

Top Attractions

1. Wanyao Earthenware Culture Village(碗窑土陶文化村)

2. Lotus pond recreation resort(莲花塘娱乐度假区)

3. Lingshan Moutain (灵山胜境)

4. Qishan Park(旗山公园)

5. Manlai lake scenic spot(曼来湖水景区)

6. Nanmei Lahu ethnic town(南美拉祜风情寨)

7. Nanting river scenery tourism area (南汀河风光旅游带)

8. Snow Mountain (大雪山)

9. Lincang Tea Culture Garden (临沧茶文化风景园)

10. Wulao mountain forest park(五老山森林公园)

Administrative Divisions

Linxiang District administers 2 streets, 1 town, 7 townships. Fengxiang Street(凤翔街道), Mangpan Street( 忙畔街道), Boshang Town(博尚镇),  Mayidui Township(蚂蚁堆乡), Zhangtuo Township( 章驮乡), Quannei Township( 圈内乡), Matai Township(马台乡), Bangdong Township( 邦东乡), Pingcun Village( 平村乡), Nanmei Township(南美乡).


1. Lincang Airport is located in Boshang Town on the southwestern outskirt of the city proper. Flights to Kunming have recently been increased from once a day to nine per week (there are now two flights on Tuesday and Friday). In addition, the airports of Pu'er and Dali have flights which pass through Lincang. 

2. Linxiang District is a convenient stop-off point for travelers on their way to Burma. Lincang has three counties that border Burma: Cangyuan, Gengma and Zhenkang.

3. It takes about nine hours to drive from Kunming to Linxiang District by long-distance bus and its long-distance bus terminal is situated in Nantian Road, Linxiang District.

4. Taxi and bus are available in Linxiang District, which can help you get around easily.

Ethnic Groups

Linxiang District is a multi-cultural district with 23 ethnic minority groups. In Linxiang District, the ethnic groups include Yi, Bai, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Lisu, Lahu, Wa, Naxi, Jingpo, Bulang etc. They live together harmoniously and most of them retain their cultural legacy and life practices.

Local Specialty

Abundant rainwater and sunshine provides a good growing environment for various crops like tea, walnut, canola, sugarcane etc.


In Lincang prefecture, most good schools are mainly in Linxiang District. With beautiful environment and relatively good economic development, Linxiang District is a proper place for a students education tour.


Linxaing District has a long history. It used to be Mengmian(勐缅), Mianning county(缅宁县), Lincang County(临沧县). 

In 1959, Lincang county and Shuangjiang county(双江县) were merged into Linshuang county(临双县). They regained original Organizational system a few months later. In 2003, Lincang district was abolished and Lincang prefecture was set up, Lincang county was abolished and Linxiang district was set up at the county level. Linxiang district belongs to Lincang prefecture.