Linxiang District Culture

multi-cultural city

Lincang is a multi-cultural city with many ethnic minority groups, including the Wa, the Lahu, the Bulang, the Deyang and the Yi. They live together harmoniously and retain their cultural legacy and life practices. Varied eating habits, ceremonies, costumes and folk legends make Lincang a colorful city. 


Wa culture

It is the most important living area of the Wa people, since approximately two thirds of the Wa people in China live in Lincang. The villages, folklore, unique food, and traditional dancesof the Wa culture contribute much to Lincang’s charm.


Lincang Wa culture and cultural resources.

Lincang Wa culture and cultural resources. The region’s existing the Wa population of 21.7 million, accounting for 60% of the of the Wa total population, accounting for 26.5% of the region’s minority population. Wa Autonomous County is the Wa the most concentrated areas. Dating back 3000 years of history Cangyuan and Myanmar are linked by common mountains and rivers of South Rolling River National Nature Reserve, Yun Buddhist temple, Banhong Anti-British sites, Meng to cave to many historical sites, retain more complete Weng Ding Wa original gregarious village of, coupled with Wa folk literature and art and unique food culture, the focus has demonstrated the rich connotation of the Chinese Wa culture.