Linxiang District History

Lincang is located in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province, bordering the Lancang River.It covers an area of 24,469 sq km.Lincang City has a long history and extend culture.The Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD) placed Lincang in the Yizhou shire after conquering the ancient Ailao Kingdom.


Qianlong Twenty years (1747年) set bureaucratization of native officers (改土归流)and settle in Mianning. .Meng myanmar long lawsuit for myanmar ning hall belonged to  shunning mansion, transferred to impressive west road, was transferred after impressive south road.13-year reign of Qing emperor Guangxu (1887) set mainning( 缅宁) menglian(勐连).


Two years of the republic of China (1913) Lincang City  changed Mianning for Burma belonged to zhengning county. 21 years of the republic of China (1932) as the inspection area, 11. Twenty-four years (1935) of the republic of China to the fifth inspection area, in the twenty-seventh year of the republic of China (1938) to the tenth inspection area.


After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1950, Lincang City belongs to the Dali section office, in 1952 it belongs to Mianning. In July 1954, the Mianning county changed its name to Lincang county,belongs to Lincang zone. In 1959, Lincang county, merged with Chuangjiang county and changed its name Linshaung. At the end of 1959 to restore Lincang .It also named Mengmian(勐缅),Mianning(缅宁)Lincang(临沧). On October 18, 2004 officially changed its name Linxiang District (临翔区).Lincang is the world famous “township of the DianGong”. Lincang tea is the oldest, and the tea culture is the most profound around the world.