Lvchun County Climate

Lvchun County has 6 climate types, the north tropical, the south subtropical, the central subtropical, the north subtropical, the south temperate zone and central temperate zone, which belongs to subtropical mountain monsoon climate in the west of Yunnan Province. It is one of the typical humid and hot areas in Yunnan Province.

1. Dry Season and Rainy Season in Lvchun County

Every year, the dry season is November to next April, the weather is clear with abundant sunshine, low humidity and large temperature difference between daytime and night; May to October for the rainy season, the climate is rainy with less sunshine and little temperature difference between day and night. The annual average temperature is 16.6℃, and the frost-free season 340 days.

2. the Best Time to Visit Lvchun County

The best time to Visit Rice Terrace is November to next April. In this period, Lvchun county is in clear weather, various flowers are in blossom.