Mengla County Administrative Divisions

Mengla County has jurisdiction over 8 towns, 2 townships, 4 farm management committees, 7 neighborhood committees, 52 village committees, 529 groups of villagers. Below are the details of towns and townships of Mengla County.

• 8 Towns: Mengla Town(勐腊镇), Mengpeng Town(勐捧镇), Mengman Town(勐满镇), Menglun Town(勐仑镇), Mohan Town(磨憨镇), Mengban Town(勐伴镇), Guanlei Town(关累镇), and Yiwu (易武镇) 

• 2 Townships: Xiangming Yi Ethnic Township(象明彝族乡), Yaoqu Yao Ethnic Township(瑶区瑶族乡)

• Farm Management Committees: Mengla Farm(勐腊农场), Mengpeng Farm(勐棒农场), Mengman Farm(勐满农场), Mengxing Farm(勐醒农场)