Puer Festivals and Events

Puer Festivals and Activities are very colorful and Puer is the best place to take a festival tour. Puer Festivals and Activities give a brief introduction of festivals and activities in Puer, and tell travelers what to do when come to Puer. Known as one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel, Pu’er City is the hometown of Puer Tea which enjoys a reputation in the world and it’s also an important post of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Puer Tea has become the most distinctive representative of Puer. It’s a place where many minorities inhabit together and the festivals of different ethnicities are diverse.

Puer Festivals

There are 9 ethnic minority autonomous counties in Pu’er City, which are home to 14 inhabitants such as Han, HaniYiLahuWa and Dai. The minority population accounts for 61% of the total population in Puer. Multi-ethnic settlement makes Puer City full of colorful ethnic culture, whether the festivals or the food.

Popular Festivals in Puer

Festivals by Regions in Puer

Lancang County

Jiangcheng County

Ninger County

Zhenyuan County

Menglian County

Ximeng County

Festivals in Other Places

Activities in Puer

Diverse ethnic festivals also contribute to the various activities in Puer. For your Puer Festival Tours, you can join in the activities such as water splashing and dancing with local ethnic people, go to the rural markets and pick teas at the tea plantations.