Shankang Tea Primogenitor Festival in Jingmai Tea Mountain, Puer

Chinese Name:景迈布朗山康茶祖节
English Name: Shankang Tea Primogenitor Festival in Jingmai Tea Mountain, Puer

“The Shangang Tea Ancestor Festival” is a traditional festival of the Bulang ethnic group, practicing their original religion, residing on the Mangjing Mountain in Yunnan. Each mid-April, during the tea-picking season of ancient trees in early spring, people of all ages from Mangjing Bulang villages gather in festive attire at the “Payanleng” temple square to participate in the “Tea Ancestor Worship and Invocation of Tea Spirits” ceremony. The tradition of worshipping the Tea Ancestor has been passed down for 1710 years. The Bulang people firmly believe that the essence of both human and divine spirits resides in the Tea Spirits.

By calling and worshiping the Tea Ancestor, they seek blessings for happiness, safety, favorable weather, and a bountiful tea harvest in the upcoming year. Interested tourists can take this opportunity to visit the sacred mountain of the Tea Ancestor on Jingmai Mountain, taste millennium-old tea, witness ancient customs, and experience the rich Bulang culture spanning over a thousand years.