Shilin County Festivals and Events

Tourists who come to Shilin County are not only can experience the beauty of this area, they also can enjoy all kinds of festivals and activities here. What's more, there are many entertainment for tourist to relax themselves. We lists some important festivals and activities for tourists.

Festivals of Shilin County:

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. This festival is to commemorate the death of QU Yuan, an upright and honest poet and statesman who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.

Torch Festival

It is a grandest event of Yi ethnic minority, local Yi people will celebrate it on the 24th day of lunar June in Shilin Country. They gather and collected torch together into an burning tower, then sing and dance around the torch tower.

 Mizhi Festival(密枝节)

It Starts from the first day of the first lunar winter month each year, the Sani People of Yi nationality living in the shilin region begin to celebrate the secret Mizhi Festival. The festival lasts for seven days, and only male villagers are allowed to participate.

Performances of Shilin County:

Public Welfare Performances(百姓大舞台表演)

Lufu Subdiatrict in Shilin County held its first Public Welfare Performances on the "Spring of the Bajiang River", "the Summer of the Bajiang River" and "the Autumn of the Bajiang River" in 2015. A total of 33 performances were held and 203 artistic teams participated in the performances. A total of 689 literary and artistic programs were performed, with a cumulative audience of more than 100000, resulting in better social benefits and a number of outstanding literary and artistic teams and programs.

 Entartainment of Shilin County:

 After a day of journey, We find some leisure and entertainment for tourst to relieve you for a day's exhaustion.


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