Shuangjiang County Entertainment

Shuangjiang Lahu, Brown and Dai Autonomous County of the territory of the many rivers, is the Lancang River, there are 106 rivers, the river flows south Meng River, a total length of 80 km, from 60 tributaries, runoff area of 184.74 square kilometers, the average annual runoff of 5.14 cubic meters / sec.  Shuangjiang County is a typical south subtropical , humid monsoon climate. The main science spots are :Shuangjiang ferry(双江渡口)Mangnuo stone censer(忙糯石刻),Shennong Temple(神农祠),


nightlife activities and other activities

As for nightlife activities,Shuangjiang does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. Near the Yi Bar伊酒吧gathers a lots of bars and clubs for people to enjoy their night in Shuangjiang . Mingxing Dry、Youth Activities Center(青少年校外活动中心)、coffee house、Tea house、Hot spring Resort and so on can be found in Shuangjiang county .You can enjoy your time here.


Fuchang  Hotel  富昌酒店

Address:No,41 on Brihui Road in Shuangjiang county云南省临沧市北回归大道41号· 

Tel  0883-7621664

Yi Bar 伊酒吧

Address: No,19 on Nongxiang Rd in Shuangjiang county.云南省临沧市弄翔路19-1号

Tel: 13988337033


Icelandic Bar冰岛西餐酒吧

Address: No,2 on Nongxiang Rd in Shuangjiang county.云南省临沧市弄翔路2号


Jinggang KTV 金港量贩KTV

Adress: East Road of Nanmeng River in Shuangjiang County.云南省临沧市南勐河东路

Tel:  0883-7628568

Youth Activities Center(青少年校外活动中心)