Three Parallel Rivers Culture

The Ethnic Culture of Three Parallel Rivers is diverse and colorful. It is a place where multi-ethnic groups inhabit. Different nationalities create different culture. 

1. Ethnic Groups in Three Parallel Rivers

There are 22 ethnic minorities, such as Naxi, Lisu, Tibetan, Bai, Yi, Pumi, Nu, Dulong, etc. living around Three Parallel Rivers.

2. Ethnic Festivals in Three Parallel Rivers

The ethnic minorities such as  Naxi, Lisu, Tibetan, Bai, Yi, Pumi, Nu, Dulong minorities in Three Parallel Rivers have a long history and splendid culture with strong ethnic customs. The Dongba Culture of Naxi people, festivals of Tibetan, all present the local unique folk custom and culture.  

3. Ethnic Religions in Three Parallel Rivers

The ethnic religions in Three Parallel Rivers are various, such as Buddhism, Dongbaism, Catholicism, etc.

Note: For more information, please refer to the ethnic culture of Nujiang, Lijiang, Diqing, Yunlong County Dali and so on.