Haba Snow Mountain Culture in Shangri-La, Diqing

At the ancient time, before February in 1995, Haba Snow Mountain is unknown. October in 1995, under the leading of Yunnan Exploration Travel Agency Jinfeibiao, 4 people have climbed to the top of the mountain, the first route is traditional route climbing from northwest side of slope.   

1996—1998, Yunnan Exploration Travel Agency has organized 8 times business climbing, and 21 people have reached the summit.

In October, 1999, outdoor climbing team of Meili, Yunnan reached the summit; they went northwest side of ridge in the first time.

In February, 2001, Kunming Jungle Bird Club team up, 6 people reached the summit this time.

In October of 2002, Kunming Mountaineering Association team up, 4 people reached the summit. The same month, 8 people of Guizhou Youth Climbing team reached the summit. In February of 2003, under the leading of Vanke Group Chairman Wanshi, 7 people reached the summit.

In May of 2003, Kunming Shanye Travel Agency team up to come out on the top of mountain.

Since 1995, there were 200 more people reached the summit successfully.