Three Parallel Rivers Travel Tips

1. Useful Numbers of Three Parallel Rivers


Zip Code: 673200
Dailing Code: 0886
Fire: 119 
Police: 110 
Ambulance: 120


Fire: 119           
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Lijiang Airport Inquiry Telephone: 5173081
Tourism Complaint: 5123432


Fire: 110
Police: 110         
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 12121
Tourist Complaints: 0887-96927
Public Security Bureau: 0887-8222128
Diqing Shangri-La Airport Inquiry: 0887-8229901

2. Best Time to Visit Three Parallel Rivers

Three Parallel Rivers is a picturesque place, suitable for travel all year round. Visitors can find different beautiful scenery in different seasons.

3. What to Pack for traveling to Three Parallel Rivers

Due to the wide range of Three Parallel Rivers, visitors shall know where they come to and be ready to the things they want. For example, if visitors want to travel the part of Three Parallel Rivers in Lijiang, they shall travel night when strolling in the old town. Bring a camera with them that they can take photos along the way. Sunlight is very strong in Lijiang, wear sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and use sun block, etc. If visitors want to the part of Diqing, they shall bring the downcoate due to the huge temperature difference.

4. What to Visit in Three Parallel Rivers

The Three Parallel Rivers refer to the three rivers of the Jinsha River, the Lancang River and the Nujiang River, which originate from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and run more than 170 kilometers from north to south in Yunnan Province. Compared with other attractions, there are many attractions around Three Parallel Rivers, such as Tiger Leaping Gorge, Haba Snow Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Laojun Mountain National Forest Park, Yangtze River First Bend, Liming Qiangui Mountain, Tacheng Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Park, Nujiang First Bend, Jinsha River Moon Bend, Meili Snow Mountain, Mingyong Glacier, Baimang Snow Mountain , Yubeng Village, Lancang River Grand Canyon, Cizhong Village, Cizhong Church, Biluo Snow Mountain, Bingzhongluo, Gaoligong Mountain, Nujiang River, Lancang River, Jinsha River, Nujiang Grand Canyon, Dulong River Grand Canyon, Yunling Mountains. 

5. Banks in Three Parallel Rivers

1) Bank of China(Nujiang Branch): No.283 Nujiang Avenue, Lushui City, Nujiang.
2) China Construction Bank(Liuku Branch): No.16 Renmin Road, Liuku Town, Lushui City.
3) Diqing Branch Office of Bank of China: Chicika Street, Shangri-La City.
4) Branch Office in Gucheng District: No. 42 Yuyuan Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang.
5) Xianggeli Branch Office: No. 9 Qixing Street, Gucheng District, Lijiang.
6) Branch Office in Fuhui Road: No. 581 Fuhui Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang.
7) Lijiang Branch Office: Changshui Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang.

6. Hospitals in Three Parallel Rivers

1) Hospital of Shangri-La
Tel: 0887-8222052
Add: Changzheng Road
2) Nujiang People’s Hospital
Tel: 0886-3622690 
Add: Xincheng District of Liuku Town in Lushui City, Nujiang
3) Nujiang Maternal and Child Care Service Center
Tel: 0886-3622237 
Add: Lushui City, Nujiang
4) Nujiang Hospital of Ttraditional Chinese Medicine
Tel: 0886-3622277
Add: Liuku Town in Lushui City, Nujiang
Note: Due to the high altitude, some people may have altitude sickness. If the symptom is severe, it's necessary to see a doctor in nearby hospitals.

7. How to Get  to Three Parallel Rivers

Due to the wide range of Three Paralle Rivers, it is convenient to get to Three Parallel Rivers. And the choices are diverse. You can select plane, train, long-distance bus, cycling, and so on. And the specific conditions are subject to actual road conditions.

8. Other Tips

1) Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.
2) Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.
3) Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.
4) The hotels in Diqing Prefecture may usually serve more Chinese food and less Western food for the breakfast, and less hotel employees speak English. This sometimes causes some misunderstanding between the hotel employees and the clients. However, people in Diqing are generally very nice. 
5) Due to the highland climate, the temperature changes greatly between day and night. Travelers had better bring coats, down jackets, gloves and other cold weather outfits. Every June to September, it is the rain season of Diqing that is not beneficial to go hiking. After October, the weather turns cold.