Wenshan City Festivals and Events

Wenshan City is the cultural center of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Prefecture, enjoying the grandest festivals. Featured festival of Wenshan shows the traditional custom of Zhuang, Miao, Yao etc. Enjoy them and learn more about their life styles, arts and handicrafts etc.


Spring Festival of Zhuang People 春节

In New Year’ Eve, Zhuang people will take copper drum, clean it and have the sacrifice ceremony. On the early morning of the first day of the year, the villagers took the torch to fetch water of the fresh year when the bronze drum rings.

Huashan Festival of Miao People 苗族花山节

Huashan Festival is the most important festival of Miao people in Wenshan. It is the festival to sacrifice ancestor of Miao, Chiyou(蚩尤), during the 3rd to 9th day of the first lunar month. The main activities are singing in antiphonal style, martial art show, horse-racing, bullfighting etc.

Panwang Festival of Yao People 瑶族盘王节

The activities and time of festival differ regionally. In general, they will kill the animal and give a banquet for giving a cordial hospitality to guests. It is the activity to memorize their hero, Panwang, who protect them in the ancient time.

Hualian Festival of Yi People 彝族花脸节

Hualian means to enforce somebody to wear collies. Yis there also claim themselves to be Sani branch like that in the Stone Forest. Yi ancestors in Qiubei were said to wear black collies on their faces to drive away evil spirits thus Hualian Festival was brought forth, and it has become a golden opportunity for young generation to develop new romances because they could, on that day, “mark the faces” to express love.

Wenshan Tea and Bamboo Shoots Folk Culture Festival 茶笋文化节

The Wenshan Tea and Bamboo Shoots Folk Culture Festival has a colorful lineup of creative activities. One and all are invited to come learn the art of drinking spring Tieguanyin, and head out with local farmers into the fields, where they'll show visitors their tong blossom lined paths, how to pick good tea and teach them about Muzha bamboo shoot ecology (advance registration required).