Yongde County Culture

Ethnic Groups

There are Yi(彝族), Wa(佤族), Bulang(布朗族), Dai(傣族), Lisu(傈僳族), Deang(德昂族) and Lahu(拉祜族), etc, 22 ethnic groups living in Yongde county.

Ethnic Towns

There are two ethnic town in Yongde county. They are Wumulong Yi Ethnic Township(乌木龙彝族乡) and Daxueshan Yi, Lahu, Dai Ethnic Township(大雪山彝族拉祜族傣族乡).

Ethnic Culture

At present, the popular folk culture mainly includes Dage(the entertaining dance of Yi ethnic group), singing folk songs, telling old legends or stories, guessing riddles, games, sacrificial activities, visiting relatives and friends, weaving, embroidering, bamboo weaving art, etc.

Among the 22 ethnic groups living in Yongde county, Bulang, Wa and Deang are indigenous people. Through the long-term integration of various ethnic groups, the ethnic characteristics have both similarities and differences. For example, costume characteristic, all ethnic groups have people who wear Han outfit. There are also people who wear their own folk costume and retain their costume, such as Yi, Lisu, Bulang, Dai, Lahu, Deang and Wa people.

Ethnic Festivals

1. Water-splashing Festival(the festival of Dai, Wa and Bulang, the 10th day after Tomb-sweeping Festival)

2. Door-closing Festival(the festival of Wa, June 15 of lunar calendar) and Door-opening Festival(the festival of Wa, September 15 of lunar calendar).

3. The First Harvest of the Year(吃新节, the festival of Bulang, the middle of lunar August)

4. Earth Buddha Pilgrimage(土佛朝圣, Lantern festival and March 15 of lunar calendar)