Yulong County Education

At the end of 2017, there are 160 schools in Yulong county, including 1 senior middle school, 2 full middle schools, 10 junior middle schools, 101 elementary schools, 1 nine-year integrated school, 1 teacher training school, 1 vocational senior middle school, 1 special school and 42 kindergartens.

Here we list some of the schools to help you to design students education tours with local schools in Yulong County of Lijiang.

School Name



Yulong Naxi Autonomous County Kindergarten(玉龙纳西族自治县幼儿园)

50 meters west of Shangji road, Yulong County


Qitong Kindegarten(启童幼儿园)

Yulong No.1 Middle School’s diagonally across, Yulong County


Lijiang Tongxin Hope primary school(丽江同心希望小学)

Near Daju road, Yulong County


Huangshan Town Changshui Primary School(黄山镇长水完小)

100 meters south to the intersection of Qiwen road and 006 township road, Yulong County


Huangshan Town Baima Primary School(黄山镇白马完小)

No. 163, Baihua Road, Huangshan Town, Yulong County


Shigu Town Xinhua Primary School(石鼓镇新华完小)

100 meters east of Xinhua road, Yulong County


Liming Lisu Township Zhongxin Primary School((黎明傈僳族乡中兴完小)


Liming Lisu Township, Yulong County


Yulong No.1 Middle School(玉龙第一中学)

the intersection of Nankou road and Yuxing East road, Yulong County


Yulong No.5 Middle School(玉龙第五中学)

Jinshawang Village, Judian Town, Yulong County