Yulong County Transportation

Yulong county is an important part of Lijiang central city. The road network of Yulong County covers every township and village. The second largest railway station in Yunnan province, Lijiang Railway Station is located in the county seat. Lijiang airport is 22 kilometers from the county seat. 

Since the scenic spots is relatively far away from each other, we introduce you some detailed information about how to get in/out and get around in Yulong County.

1. Car-rental

There is no doubt that renting a car is the fastest and most convenient way to get around. Negotiate the price with the driver in advance or share a car with other travelers is very economical.

2. Bus

For some budget travelers, bus travel is a good way to save money. Make sure where you want to go, and then use the electronic map to find where and when to take the bus. You can also ask our consultants about how to get there.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a better way to enjoy the scenery along the way. For some sights in Yulong county, it's very convenient to cycle there.