Feedback in 2015 from our real customers, who spent a great time with Yunnan Exploration, traveling the highlights of Yunnan. Feedback in 2015 provided by the clients of Yunnan Exploration is used to continue what we are doing when we get positive feedback and consider what improvement we need to be made when we receive negative feedback. Yunnan Exploration specializes in gathering formal customer feedback to help we better understand our customers, products and services. 

Patrycja’s 2015 Wonderful Experience Traveling Yunnan
We enjoyed this trip very much mainly because the tour guide was good. The tour guide spoke fluent English and was knowledgeable in the history and people of this area. Every morning, he would tell us what we plan to do and how we would do it. He often went beyond what were in the itinerary. He provided fruits, snacks and water in the van. He ordered non spicy food for the whole duration of this trip, although he and the driver eat spicy food, once he learned that 2 of us do not eat spicy food. When we  suggested him order some spicy food, he said that they can survive without spicy food for few days. He said that it is important to have the customers’ interest first. He had a very positive attitude. This tour guide was a professional. We could not ask for more. His effort was handsomely rewarded by our large tips. The Yunnan trip was well planned and was very good.

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