Xingmeng Mongolian Village in Tonghai County, Yuxi

About Xingmeng Mongol Ethnic Town

Xingmeng Mongol Ethnic Town(兴蒙蒙古族乡) is situated under the foot of Fenghuang(phoenix) Mountain, Tonghai County(通海县), and is the only dwelling area of Mongol minority in Yunnan Province. It has a history of more than a thousand years with unique ethnic culture. The fame of “Mongolia in South Plateau”, “Home of Songs and Dances”, “Home of Architecture” and “Home of Muskmelon” make the ethnic town an attractive destination. Through the promotion of “Mongols on the Southern Plateau”, improvement of scenic spots construction and comprehensive facilities, Xingmeng now has become a tourism zone for sightseeing, recreation, holiday and experience of minority ethnic culture.

Why is Xingmeng Mongolian Village So Special?

The first impression when you set foot on this village is a cavalry statue with Chinese and Mongolian introduction. Xingmeng village is one of the Mongolian villages in Tonghai. And most Mongolians of Yunnan Province are living there. Among the 5500 residents of Xingmeng, 5400 are Mongolians, therefore, Tonghai is the biggest Mongolian community in Yunnan Province. 

The Xingmeng Mongolian Village located in the Yunnan Province in southwest China has the biggest Mongol group in the region. They are a farming community unlike the Mongols of the northern regions who subsist on animal husbandry, but they wear traditional Mongolian costumes and celebrate traditional Mongolian festivals including Nadamu Festival(那达慕节), Luban Festival(鲁班节) and other festivals. The highlight of the village is the Sansheng temple(三圣宫). This shrine was built in honor of Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan, the brave military leaders who are worshipped by the Mongols. Surrounding the village, there are nearly 20 tourist attractions. Some of these include the Taojiazui(桃家嘴) Xiaohaitan(小海潭) Pond Scenic Area, the Architecture Museum, Sanjiao Temple, Home of Songs and Dances, Muskmelon Garden, and the Jiaoyiwan(交谊湾) Ethnic Culture Garden.

History of Xingmeng Mongol Ethnic Town

Though far away from Mongolian area, Yunnan is a place where you can surprisingly find Mongolian communities. Some 750 years ago, the cavalries led by Kublai Khan conquered Dali Kingdom and continued northern expedition against the South Song Dynasty(1127-1279). Some Soldiers settled down as inhabitants in Tonghai County of Yuxi city, 130 kilometers from Kunming.

Nearby Attractions

Sansheng Palace in Tonghai County, Yuxi
Hexi Confucius Temple in Tonghai County
Xiushan Mountain Park in Tonghai County
Xiahuicun Mosque
Najiaying Mosque in Tonghai County, Yuxi

How to Get There

Xingmeng Mongol Ethnic Village is about 11 kilometers from the Tonghai bus terminal. After arriving in Tonghai County, you can take a taxi or minibus to Xingmeng Mongolian Village. The train can take less time than long-distance bus.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are long-distance buses from Kunming to Tonghai County. 

Kunming East Bus Station-Tonghai Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 6:58-18:00

Ticket Price: 42 CNY

Distance: 138 Kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

2. By Train

Kunming Railway Station-Tonghai Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:45, 11:02, 12:30, 15:41

Ticket Price: 21.5 CNY

Distance: 139 Kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Accommodation Around Xingmeng Mongolian Village

Xingmeng Mongolian Village is not far from the county seat of Tonghai County. You can get back to Tonghai County for accommodation. 

1. Tonghai Landun Hotel通海兰顿酒店

Address: No.72, Liyue West Road, Xiushan Town, Tonghai County, Yuxi玉溪市通海县秀山镇礼乐西路72号

Tel: 0877-3098888

Starting Price: 114 CNY

2. Tonghai Mingbang Hotel通海名邦大酒店

Address: No.219, Xiushan West Road, Sangyuan Industrial Zone, Tonghai County, Yuxi玉溪市通海县桑园工业区秀山西路219号

Tel: 0877-3058999 

Starting Price: 145 CNY

3. Tonghai Diannan Hotel通海滇南大酒店

Address: Liyue West Road, Xiushan Town, Tonghai County, Yuxi玉溪市通海县礼乐西路

Tel: 0877-3078888

Starting Price: 173 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. Learn something about Mongol minority and Mongolian culture in advance.

2. Know some general situation of Xingmeng Mongol Ethnic Town in advance.

3. You can participate in some ethnic activities during festivals.

Tours Including Xingmeng Mongolian Village

Xingmeng Mongol Ethnic Town(兴蒙蒙古族乡) is not far from the county seat of Tonghai County and Nagu Town. Xingmeng Mongolian village(兴蒙蒙古族村) is called the last Mongols in Yunnan. It is worthy to visit the village when you are traveling in Tonghai County of Yuxi.

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