North China International Tea Industry Expo & Fair


The North China International Tea Industry Fair aims to “promote tea culture, promote tea brands, and lead the tea industry”. It gathers special teas from Shandong(山东), Yunnan(云南), Fujian(福建), Guizhou(贵州), Taiwan(台湾), Hunan(湖南) and other places. The exhibition cover tea clothes, tea sets, tea ceremony, flower ceremony, tea crafts and other special content, successfully set up a one-stop trading and tea culture exchange platform for the tea industry in northern China. At the same some, it also hold the tea industry Oscar-China “Tea Saint Award” awarding ceremony and won Widely praised inside and outside the industry, known as “the vane of the northern tea industry.”

Typical Features of The Fair

A Number of Niche Tea Debut

In addition to the well-known types of tea products, you can also enjoy a lot of rare “niche tea” at the tea fair. A Taiwan pavilion consisting of 30 Taiwanese tea companies will make a big appearance at the scene and will bring Taiwan’s “venison” fine tea. “Venison” refers to frozen-top oolong tea from a specific high-altitude tea garden in Lugu Township, Taiwan. Similar to Wuyishan ’s “Beef”, Taiwan ’s “Venison” also has a century-old traditional craftsmanship. The highest quality spring tea green is selected, and it has been roasted by three charcoal baking traditions.

Eye-Opening Tea Products

In addition to drinking a variety of good teas, the audience can also enjoy a variety of tea products on the scene. Many well-known pot artists from Taiwan made a big appearance, bringing various special tea wares, showing the art of Taiwanese craftsmen. Craftsmen from both sides of the Taiwan Straits will compete for the show, and they will jointly bring you a tea reward.

Boil Tea and Burn Incense, Arrange Flowers and Hang Pictures

Chinese tea drinking culture is extensive and profound. Tea-making, burning incense, flower arrangement, and hanging pictures are called four arts. In fact, these are the daily lives of the literary youth in the Song Dynasty. At the scene, the audience can fully experience the four arts culture. On the exhibition site, the organizing committee carefully arranged the lotus-themed activity area. At the same time, nearly 20 themed cultural activities such as tea ceremony, flower ceremony, and incense ceremony were held. The audience was invited to enjoy the beauty of Chinese tea drinking and appreciate the elegant Chinese artistic conception and life aesthetics.

Location, Time of The Fair

Location: Jinan, Shandong Province (山东省济南市)

Time:Every Summer(July or September)