Paper-cuts of Dai Ethnic Minority in Mangshi City, Dehong

Brief Introduction

Paper-cut of Dai ethnic minoroty(傣族剪纸) is a traditional folk art form favored  by many ethnic groups and wide popularized in yunnan, Dai paper cutting is one of the prominent characteristics, mainly circulated in luxi city Dehong dai and jingpo autonomous prefecture(德宏傣族景颇族自治州潞西市).

History of Paper-Cutting

Dai paper cutting first appeared in the paper horse used in the sacrifice of the Dai nationality , and then gradually enriched and developed under the influence of the Buddhist culture and the Han culture, and was widely used in jubilation, religion, funeral and home decoration. Dai people use special scissors, carving knives, chisels and hammers to cut or chisel their paper-cutting,this skill is superb.Its contents are mainly related to the Buddhism of the southern transmission of the dai faith, and also reflect the people loved objects in real life, with a strong sense of life and local flavor. 

Common Patterns

auspicious dragon, phoenix, peacock, elephant, lion, kirin, Wapiti, fine horse, swimming fish and other wonderful beast and strange bird, there are also various forms of glutinous rice sticks to the flowers, lotus flowers, roses, chrysanthemums, camellia, rhododendrons and other plants and flowers, as well as pavilions, pagodas, temples, housing construction. 

Main materials

paper-cut is paper, cloth, metal sheet, etc. Dai paper cutting is mainly used in the doors and windows of the Buddha hall, buddhist umbrella, buddha banner, performance props, festival colored awning,water splashing dragon pavilion and home decoration, etc.

Chinese Vision:
Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐