Bijia Mountain in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

Why is Bijia(Penholder) Mountain So Special?

Bijia mountain(澄江县笔架山) is located in Luchong scenic area, 1808 meters above sea level, the highest point is 76 meters away from the lake. The exposed stone peaks are grotesque, lofty and steep, with devious paths, blurred caves and colorful landscapes. Ancient literati often lingered on the mountains, and fixed “twelve scenes” for the landscape of Bijia mountain, such as “Xitian Gate西天门”, “Fuwang Gate福王门”, “Tian Shui Yi Se天水一色”, “Fishing Boat in the Evening”, “Putuo Fairyland” and so on. 

Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see all the scenery around you. To the east, you can see the charming Fuxian lake; To the south, the picturesque Luchong village禄充村; To the west, the wooded Wufeng mountain五峰山; And to the north, a unique Jinzhong mountain金钟山(that is, Jianshan mountain尖山, also known as Yusun mountain玉笋山).

where is Bijia Mountain?

In the north of Luchong Village near Fuxian Lake of Chengjiang County, Yunnan Province, there is a wonderful mountain. It looks like a Chinese character “凹” , similar to the penholder on the desk, so named Bijia(Penholder) Mountain. Bijia Mountain is a part of Luchong Scenic Area.

Main Attraction

Guanyin Temple

On the highest peak of Bijia Mountain, there is a Guanyin Temple, sitting west to east. Every year, the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month is the temple fairs for the temple. At this day, local farmers and fishermen meet here, singing, recreating, dining, incensing and praying, very lively.

Nearby Attractions

1. Boxi Bay波息湾

The north end of the Bijiao Mountain is “Boxi Bay”. Because Bijia Mountain blocks the southwest wind, in the southwester season, the Bay is always calm and tranquil, so named Boxi Bay. Boxi means the lake water is tranquil and there is no wind in the lake. The bay area is wide, the shoal extends 20 to 30 meters to the lake, it is a good place for water sports, swimming and vacation.

2. Luchong Scenic Area禄充风景区

Luchong Scenic Area is the most beautiful scenic spots on the west bank of Fuxian lake, 19 kilometers away from Chengjiang county. Important attractions of Luchong scenic area include Jianshan mountain尖山, Qilin mountain麒麟山, Wenchang palace文昌宫, Grand Buddha temple大佛寺, Laoyu village老渔村, Dadong Cave大洞, golden beach, Bosiwan bay波息湾, Biyan park笔砚公园 and Bijia mountain笔架山. With the completed tourist facilities and colorful entertainment projects of the scenic area, Luchong Scenic Area is an ideal place for sightseeing and leisure.

Bijia Mountain in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

Best Time to Visit

Enjoying a subtropical monsoon climate, tour is possible all the year round.

How to Get There

Bijia Mountain is in the Luchong Scenic Area. You should go to Chengjiang county first, and then head for Luchong Scenic Area.

Kunming-Chengjiang County-Bijia Mountain

There are midibuses from Kunming South Bus Station to Chengjiang County. It takes about 1 hour and a half to Chengjiang Bus Terminal. Ticket price is about 20 yuan each person. The phone number of Kunming South Bus Station is 0871-67361722. Then, taking the No. 8 bus can reach directly to Luchong Scenic Area. It takes about an hour from Chengjiang bus terminal to Luchong Scenic Area.

Accommodation Around Bijia Mountain

There are many hotels around Luchong Scenic Area. You can stay around the scenic area for overnight when you are traveling. You can also stay around Fuxian Lake Scenic Area, which is not too far away from Luchong Scenic Area.

1. Lanhai Holiday Hotel澄江蓝海假日酒店

Address: No.3, Rong Shu Wan, Luchong Village, Longjie Town, Chengjiang County, Yuxi 玉溪市澄江县龙街镇禄充村榕树湾3号

Tel: 0877-6610215

Starting Price: 173 CNY

2. Luomi West Bank Resort Hotel抚仙湖罗蜜西岸度假酒店

Address: Qilin Road, Luchong Scenic Area, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县禄充风景区麒麟路

Tel: 0877-6762188

Starting Price: 172 CNY

3. Luchong Shui Bian Xiao Zhu澄江禄充水边小筑

Address: Yangjiaxiang Lakeside, Luchong Scenic Area, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县禄充风景区杨家巷湖畔

Tel: 15198877695

Starting Price: 145 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

Bijia Mountain in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

1. When climbing or taking photos on the mountain, watch your step and don’t fall down.

2. Bijia Mountain is in Luchong Scenic Area. The admission fee of luchong scenic area is 15 yuan, after entering the scenic area, Bijia mountain is free of charge.

3. From the mountain top, there is a fine view of Fuxian Lake. Therefore, when you are in Luchong Scenic Area, you’d better climb up Bijia Mountain.