Tour Routes in Nanjian County, Dali

The natural scenery of Nanjian is very beautiful. The fragrance of flowers overflows everywhere. It seems like a fairyland on earth. Nanjian has many ancient buildings and minority cultures. Next, I will recommend the routes to visit Nanjian for you.

Flower Tour Routes in Cherry Blossom Valley of Wuliang Mountain

Cherry Blossom Valley in Wuliang Mountain, Nanjian County, Dali Prefecture, is located in Huaqing Tea Factory in Wuliang Mountain. It is a natural landscape deeply hidden in Wuliang Mountain in Nanjian County. Since it was discovered in 2010, it has been highly sought after by photography lovers, and the number of flower appreciation tourists has been increasing. It has now become a national Grade III scenic spot. The best time for this flower tour is from the end of November to the middle of December each year.

From Nanjian County to Cherry Blossom Valley , there are mainly six routes (trips):

1. Regular route

Nanjian county seat-Xiaojunzhuang (go straight, not right)-Baohua-Hujie Road-Shidong Temple-Wuliangshan Town (Jingdong County) go straight (do not go left)-Tiger Yakou-Cherry Blossom Valley, then return to the original road.

Features: It is possible to photograph the Cherry Blossom Valley in the morning mist on a morning with good light and shadow. The journey is the shortest. You can visit Shidong Temple and taste farmhouse food in Tiger Street.

2. Return from Shale (recommended route)

After touring from Nanjian County (according to the conventional route, the same below) to Cherry Blossom Valley, go to Sheyaoqing Shale Road Gas Station and enter Shale Highway, namely Sheyaoqing Gas Station-Badaohe Waterfall-Shale Terrace-Shale Village Committee (Hui Nationality Folk Tour)-Luolongzhai (Experience the Scenery and Folklore of Bulang Village)-Luodi River (Visit Lancang River and Taste River Fish)-Dushu Chenglin Scenic Spot-Gonglang (Visit Mosque)-Nanjian County.

Features: Enjoy the rural scenery along the way of Shale Village, enjoy the scenery of Lancang River and taste the fish in the river.

3. Return from Leyang Highway

After traveling from Nanjian County to Cherry Blossom Valley, head for Manwan Town, proceed along Old 214 National Highway, and pass Jingdong wuli village Road (entering Luoyang Highway)-wuli village-Yindian River Power Station-Luodi River-Gonglang-Nanjian County.

Features: Enjoy the scenery along the way and taste the river fish.

4. Return from Manwan

After traveling from Nanjian County to Cherry Blossom Valley, head for Manwan Town, proceed along the old 214 National Highway, and pass through Jingdong Manwan Town-Lancang River Bridge in Guoyun County-Manwan Town in Yun County-Manwan Power Station-Luodi River Pier-Lancang River Bridge-Gonglang-Nanjian County.

Features: After going to Manwan Town in Yun County, go up the Lancang River and enjoy the scenery and fish along the way.

5. Return from Abizhuang

After traveling from Nanjian County to Cherry Blossom Valley, return to Tiger Yakou, enter the tourism highway of De ‘an Village Committee, and pass through Abizhuang (continue to enjoy the large area of sakura in the newly-built natural village, taste farmhouse dishes and watch folk performances)-De ‘an Village Committee-boundless power station-boundless mountain town (visit the martyrdom place of Li Wenxue)-Shidong Temple-Baohua Town-Nanjian County.

Features: Enjoy rural scenery, experience Yi ethnic customs and taste farmhouse dishes.

6. From the west to Cherry Blossom Valley

Nanjian county seat-Xiaojunzhuang (right, Lincang direction)-Fenghuangshan tunnel-Gonglang-Luodi River Shale junction (less than 3km from Lancang River Bridge)-Shale-Shale terrace-Badaohe Waterfall-Boulevard-Sakura Valley. After arriving at Luodi River (Shale Junction), according to time and preference, you can choose to take the three routes of Shale Line, Le Yang Line and Manwan Line to reach Sakura Valley.

Features: After enjoying the scenery along the way, you can enjoy and photograph the Cherry Blossom Valley in the sunset, and avoid the traffic jam along the way. After visiting Cherry Blossom Valley, return to the county seat from baohua.

Passengers without self-driving can take the Cherry Blossom Valley tour bus and the Shale village bus which were added during the blooming period.

Primitive Forest Tour Routes in Wuliang mountain

  • Description of the route design: it includes the Yi people’s amorous feelings such as singing in the county and “Tiaocai” and enjoy scenic spots such as Wuliang mountain, lingbao mountain and shidong temple. it is featured by forest scientific exploration, ecological agriculture sightseeing and ethnic, religious and cultural investigation, and is an “ecological business card” of Nanjian county.
  • Travel arrangements:  enjoy “Tiaocai” in the county and taste delicious food-modern tobacco agriculture demonstration garden-shidong temple-ethnic tourism village-Wuliangshan.
  • Positioning of line products: an ecological scientific exploration tour featuring ethnic culture, natural mountains and rivers, mysterious canyons and original ecological Yi villages will form a distinctive “eco-cultural tourism area”.
  • Cultural connotation and market potential:“Tiaocai”, strange trees, caves, waterfalls, ancient roads, grand canyon, rural farmhouses, wildlife, legend stories, national heroes … Mr Jin Yong’s famous book Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils describes many natural and cultural landscapes. Therefore, in terms of the richness, uniqueness and integrity of various tourism resources, such as historical and cultural details, geographical advantages, uniqueness of folk customs, charming and fantastic scenery, and rich and perfect ecological resources, there is great potential and good prospect for tourism development.
  • Traffic Information: The main line of this tourist route is 214 National Highway, with a total mileage of 56 kilometers from the county seat to Lingbao Mountain, including Shidong Temple and Wuliang Mountain.

Lancang River Tour Routes

  • Description of route design: it is a flagship project of tourism development in Nanjian county, consisting of high-quality tourism resources such as Nanjian singing, “Tiaocai” and other Yi customs, bird watching in Phoenix mountain, tea picking in vast ecological tea garden, high-tech large-scale water conservancy project of Xiaowan power station, and landscape of Pinghu in hundreds of miles of high gorge.
  • Travel arrangement: experience of ethnic customs in the county -Phoenix mountain-tea garden-Xiaowan power station.
  • Positioning of line products: focus on the development of special tourism products such as song playing, “Tiaocai” and other Yi culture and tea culture experience, water entertainment, water and electricity industry inspection, Mountains and canyons sightseeing, lakeside leisure etc., and build the tourism area into a water golden tourism belt connecting Dali with western Yunnan and southwest Yunnan.
  • Cultural connotation and market potential: with rich historical culture and folk culture, mysterious and unique Yi ethnic customs, cloud-shrouded the thousands areas of ecological tea garden, the scenery of bailichanghu small bay and other unique natural and human resources, it has great development potential.
  • Traffic Information: The main line of this tourist route is Chaxiao Highway, with a total mileage of 85 kilometers from the county seat to Xiaowan Power Station. Among them, the roads leading to Fenghuang Mountain and Tea Garden are all dirt roads with a mileage of 10 kilometers respectively.