Yunnan Tours from Nepal

Planning a tour to Yunnan from Nepal can be an exciting adventure. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you organize your trip smoothly:

Step 1: Research and Itinerary Planning

  1. Destination Selection: Decide which places in Yunnan you want to visit. Popular destinations include Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, and Tiger Leaping Gorge.
  2. Duration: Determine the length of your trip. Typically, 7-10 days are ideal to cover major attractions, but you can adjust based on your interests and available time.
  3. Activities: Plan activities such as cultural tours, hiking, visiting historical sites, exploring ethnic minority villages, and enjoying local cuisine.

Step 2: Flights and Travel Arrangements

  1. Flight Booking: Look for flights from Nepal to Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG). Direct flights may not be available, so you might need to transit through a nearby hub like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore.
  2. Visa: Obtain a Chinese tourist visa. Check the requirements and application process at the Chinese embassy or consulate in Nepal.
  3. Travel Insurance: Purchase travel insurance covering health, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events.

Introduction of the two countries


Yunnan, whose name literally means south of the clouds, is situated in the southwest of China. With over 2400 years of history, exotic indigenous cultural heritage, a pleasant climate and picturesque scenery, Yunnan is renowned tourist destination for millions of travelers every year. Yunnan is a perfect showpiece of China’s many natural wonders, rugged, wild, and unspoiled. Here we provide you the overview of Yunnan.


Nepal is known as the “high mountain kingdom” and some people call her “the kingdom behind Tibet”. Sitting on eight peaks over 8,000 meters above sea level, carrying the afterglow of ancient medieval countries, Nepal, which is mysterious, ancient and far away, with strong religious color and unique beautiful scenery, is becoming more and more familiar and yearned for by Chinese.

How to reach Yunnan from Nepal

Tourists are currently traveling from Nepal to Yunnan. Generally speaking, there are two ways to choose from:

Air (direct flight)

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and the only international airport in Nepal. Kathmandu has direct flights to Lhasa (Chengdu), Guangzhou and Kunming, which are operated by Air China, China Southern and China Eastern respectively. In addition, there are regular flights operated by Dragonair, Thai Airways and air india from Kathmandu to Hong Kong, Bangkok and New Delhi.

Kathmandu – Kunming flight timetable

Flight No. Airlines Departure Arrival Duration Plane Full Price
MU758 China Eastern Airlines 17:25 22:55 3h15m Boeing 737
2477 ¥
Economy Class
AI248 India Airlines 16:20 05:35 11h
3202 ¥
Economy Class
CA438 Air China 10:40 19:50 6h55m A319
4241 ¥
Economy Class
CA438 Air China 10:40 20:55 8h10m A319
4084 ¥
Economy Class
CX5103 Cathay Pacific 22:45 14:00 13h A330-300
3111 ¥
Economy Class

The above information is for reference only, the flight schedule is changing at any time, please consult the relevant staff of the website for more information.

Since many flights from Yunnan to Nepal have not yet been opened, if you want to reach other cities such as Dali and Lijiang, you can choose to take a plane from Nepal to Kunming Changshui Airport and then take a plane or high-speed train to these cities.The following are the relevant modes of transportation

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Nepal borders Tibet and many people choose to enter Nepal by land. The specific method is: take a bus from Lhasa to reach the Zhangmu border, and take a local bus to Kathmandu after leaving Zhangmu. This route is already very mature. It is possible to meet Chinese tourists all the way. You can choose to carpool together. From Lhasa to Zhangmu, you can book a bus through the hotel or pay attention to the private cars coming to ask at the gate of Nepal’s consulate in Lhasa for visas. It is a good choice if there are more people to charter a bus.So when you arrive in Yunnan from Nepal, you can take a bus from Tibet to Nepal.

Or when you arrive in Tibet, there are more ways to get to Yunnan, such as trains, planes or buses.


There is no direct train from Kunming to Tibet. You can take the train to Chengdu and then to Tibet.

Trains Departure time Arrival time Time
K854 08:38 06:33 21h55m
K114 09:22  05:33 20h11m
K1140  16:48  16:35 18h09m
K146  18:01  12:10 23h47m

The train from Chengdu to Lhasa arrived in T22 in two days, with a soft berth of 1101 yuan. Hard sleeper 689 yuan, hard seat 328 yuan.

Self driving

State Highway 214 Yunnan-Tibet Line

The Yunnan-Tibet line, as its name implies, refers to the highway connecting Yunnan to Tibet. The first half of the road starts from Kunming, Yunnan, passes through Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La and Deqin, reaches Mangkang, Tibet, and coincides with the Sichuan-Tibet South Line of National Highway 318. The total length is nearly 2400 kilometers, and the second half of the section joins 318 national highway.

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