Bus Schedules from Kunming South Bus Station to Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

There are 3 daily long-distance bus from Kunming South Station to Xinjie Town of Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces. You can book the ticket online in advance. 

Related Bus Stations

  • Kunming South Bus Station
    Address: No.7, Shangbo Street, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区商博街7号
    Tel: 0871-67361683
    Major Destinations: Pu’er City(except Shangyun Town and Jingdong County), XishuangbannaYuxi City(except Yimen County), Jianshui County, Shiping County, Yuanyang County, Lvchun County, Honghe County, Jinning District.
  • Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Terminal(元阳新街客运站)
    Brief Introduction: It is an important transportation hub in Yuanyang county, mainly operating long-distance bus routes from Yuanyang to Kunming, bus routes from Yuanyang to other counties and cities in Honghe prefecture, as well as from Xinjie town to other towns, townships and villages in yuanyang. 
    Address: Nearby Provincial Road 214, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇214省道附近)
    Tel: 0873-5625481

Bus Schedule from Kunming to Yuanyang

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Duration Price
Kunming South Bus Station Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Terminal 10:20, 12:30 5-6 hours 140 yuan
Kunming South Bus Station Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Terminal 18:00 5-6 hours 147 yuan


  • The above information is for reference, if any change is based on actual information.
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