Long Distance Buses in Yunnan

Long Distance Buses in Yunnan is one of the main mode of transportation. Many cities in Yunnan are only connected by air and road. So it’s also the main traveling way of touring Yunnan. On this page, we introduce you the long distance buses in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Xishuangbanna, etc.

Long Distance Buses in Kunming

Kunming is one of the most important transportation hubs in western China. Winthin the territory, there are Beijing- Kunming expressway, Shanghai- Kunming expressway, Shantou- Kunming expressway, Guanghzou- Kunming expressway, Chongqing- Kunming expressway, Hangzhou- Ruili expressway, Kunming Ring expressway, Kunming- Bangkok expressway and other expressways passing through. The completed Kunming- Bangkok expressway starts from Kunming and can reach neighboring countries and regions. 

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Long Distance Buses in Dali

There are currently several long-distance bus stations, namely, Dali Bus Station, Xiaguan Bus Station, Dayun Bus Station, and Dali Ancient Town Bus Station, Dali North Bus Station.

  • Dali Bus Station is the largest long-distance bus station in Dali. The station has long-distance buses to Kunming, Lijiang and Liuku in Yunnan, as well as long-distance buses to other provinces.
  • Xiaguan Bus Station is located at Xiaguan Jianshe Road. The station mainly operates long-distance buses to the suburbs of Dali and Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Liuku, Tengchong, Ruili and Jinghong. There is one  long-distance bus in the station to Lijiang every half an hour. The latest long-distance bus leaves at 6:30 p.m., which takes about 3.5 hours.
  • Dayun Bus Station is located at Xiaguan Road, next to the Dayun Hotel. The station mainly operates long-distance buses to the suburbs of Dali and to Kunming and Lijiang.
  • Dali Ancient Town Bus Station operates the long-distance buses to Kunming, Lijiang, which pass through Xiaguan.

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Long Distance Buses in Lijiang

Currently, the most convenient way to reach the city is by long-distance bus from the neighborhood areas. Lijiang has set up a relatively complete highway system extending in all directions. There are main thress bus stations in Lijiang, namely, Lijiang Bus Station, Lijiang Tourism Bus Station and Lijiang Express Bus Station. It is very convenient to travel between the city and other destinations in Yunnan Province. Of course, Kunming, Dali and Shangri-La are the important destinations in the classic Yunnan Travel.

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Long Distance Buses in Qiqing

Road is the main mode of transportation into Ddiqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture. Diqing connects Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet, forming a traffic network with Yunnan-Tibet highway and Sichuan-Tibet highway as main roads.

Main Long-distance Bus Stations in Diqing

  • Shangri-la Bus Terminal(香格里拉汽车客运站)
    Address: Xiangbala Avenue, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市香巴拉大道
    Tel: 0887-8223501
    Major Destinations: Every day, there are buses to Lijiang, Daocheng, Kunming, Qamdo, Mangkang, Deqin, Xiaguan, Panzhihua and other places.
  • Deqin County Bus Terminal(德钦县客运站)
    Address: 迪庆州德钦县升平镇政府对面
    Tel: 0887-8413322
    Major Destination: Every day, there are buses to Kunming, LijiangShangri-laDaliJianchuan, Dengchuan, Yunling, etc. 

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Long Distance Buses in Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna has relatively convenient road traffic. National roads 213 and 214 intersect in Jinghong city. All villages and towns are connected by roads, and there are three roads connecting Xishuangbanna to Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. There are three bus stations in Jinghong City: Jinghong Bus Station(景洪汽车客运站), Banna Bus Station(版纳客运站) and Jinghong South Bus Station(景洪客运南站), operating inter-provincial buses to Nanning, Chengdu and Hengyang, etc., as well as some international passenger buses to Laos and Myanmar.

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Long Distance Buses in Chuxiong

In Yunnan, long-distance buses are the main transportation method. Of course, the same applies to Chuxiong. There are four main bus stations, namely, Chuxiong Bus Station, Chuxiong North Bus Station, Chuxiong South Bus Station and Chuxiong East Bus Station. Therefore, it is very convenient to get to Chuxiong by long-distance bus.

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Long Distance Buses in Puer

In Yunnan, long-distance buses are the main transportation method. Of course, the same applies to Puer. There are 1 first-class passenger station, 8 second-class passenger stations, 4 third-class passenger stations, 11 county-level passenger stations, 42 rural passenger stations, and 24 passenger stations above the county level in Puer. It is convenient to get to Puer by long-distance bus.

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Long Distance Buses in Qujing

There are 118 passenger stations (including townships and rural passenger stations) in Qujing. The Qujing Section of the Kunming-Qujing Expressway, the Qujing-Luliang Expressway, the Qujing-Shengjingguan Expressway, and the Songming-Daibu Expressway have been completed, crossing the 5 counties (districts) of Malong District, Qilin District, Luliang County, Fuyuan County and Huize County. All townships and village committees have access to highways, and the density of roads with village roads is 97.16 km/100 km2. What’s more, it is very convenient to get to Qujing from Kunming, please refer to the following:

  • Kunming-Qujing City (or Qilin District): the Kunming-Qujing Superhighway is 145 kilometers long. The travel lasts for two hours and a half. The price for minibuses is 20 yuan, and the price for the expresses is 36 yuan. Passenger buses are available in every large bus passenger transportation station.
  • Kunming-Luoping: the highway is 240 kilometers long. The price is 32 yuan. Buses are available in every hour in Dongju Passenger Transportation Station.
  • Kunming-Zhanyi: the highway is 155 kilometers long. The price is about 25 yuan. Buses are available every day in Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transportation Station.
  • Kunming-Huize: the highway is 259 kilometers long. The price is more than 40 yuan. Buses are available every day in Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transportation Station.
  • Kunming-Xuanwei: the highway is 248 kilometers long. The price ranges from 30 to 40 yuan. Buses are available every day in Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transportation Station.

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Long Distance Buses in Dehong

After 50 years’ construction, transportation facilities in Dehong Prefecture have improved considerably. There are 4,976 kilometers of highways, among which 276 kilometers are highways of class-II standard. Every village in Dehong Prefecture benefits from highways and Dehong is the first prefecture in Yunan that extends asphalt road to every village. With National Highway 320 passing through, Mangshi, capital city of Dehong Prefecture, boasts efficient transportation links. The National Highway 320 enters Dehong territory from Shuangpo (双坡) in Mangshi and goes directly to Ruili Jiegao via Mangshi, Fengping Town (风平), Santaishan Town (三台山), Zhefang Town (遮放) and Wanding (畹町), with a connecting line to Ruili Nongdao Town (弄岛镇). Construction of the Dehong section of the Hangzhou-Ruiz Expresswayhas started, and the counties and cities in Dehong Prefecture have realized complete interconnection by secondary road surface . 

The Bus Stations in Dehong provides long-distance buses to many cities in Yunnan province such as Kunming, Dali, Xishuangbanna, Baoshan and Lingcang, ect. Bus schedule to Panzhihua in Sichuan is also available.

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Long Distance Buses in Baoshan

There are two Passenger Transport Bus Stations in Baoshan, which are the South Passenger Transport Bus Station and the North Passenger Transport Bus Station. Tourists can take bus to Baoshan from Gongshan, Ruili, Tengchong, Lijiang, Kunming, etc.

Long Distance Buses in Zhaotong

In 2017, Zhaotong has completed 258 kilometers of highway mileage, accounting for 1.5% of all highway mileage. Zhaotong City plans to construct 11 expressways, which will constitute the more completed transportation network, namely, West Ring Highway in Zhaoyang District, Duyun—Shangri-la Highway, Zhaotong-Lugu Lake Highway, Yanjiang Highway, Yinchuan-Kunming Highway, Yibin-Zhaotong Highway, Yibin-Bijie Highway, Zhaole Highway, Geqiao Highway, Dali-Yongsheng Highway, Zhenbi Highway, Zhenqi Highway, Zhenhe Highway. In total of 1,066 kilometers, it has completed a 258 km (G85 Yinchuan-Kunming Highway). The Yibin-Bijie Highway under construction gets through Zhengxiong County, Zhaotong.

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Long Distance Buses in Honghe

Long-distance bus travel is the main alternative to get to Honghe in addition to trains. There are long-distance buses leading to the important cities and counties in Honghe prefecture. The distances from Kunming to MengziGejiuJianshuiYuanyangLuxi and Hekou are about 258 kilometers, 260 kilimeters, 193 kilometers, 310 kilometers, 180 kilometers and 398 kilometers respectively. Besides, Jianshui is about 81 kilometers from Yuanyang.

Long Distance Buses in Nujiang

Traffic in Nujiang is not very convenient, without train and plane. Here are some transfer modes for you to plan an easier travel. There are several ways to go to Nujiang: 1. Kunming bus to Nujiang (Liuku or Gongshan); 2. Kunming-Baoshan-Liuku (Kunming-Baoshan by air); 3. Kunming-Dali-Liuku (Kunming-Dali by air).

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Long Distance Buses in Lincang

Lincang has trunk roads to Kunming, Dali, ChuxiongSimaoBaoshanXishuangbanna and other prefectures, counties and townships in Lincang area. One district and seven counties in the prefecture are well linked by highway, some of which are built under dangerous and difficult geographical conditions. Therefore some of the highways can be viewed as a manmade landscape or miracle. At the bus Terminals, travelers can take luxurious sleeper and long-distance buses to such destinations as Kunming, Xiaguan, Xiangyun, Baoshan, ChangningJinghong, etc.

Long Distance Buses in Wenshan

Highways are the major means of transportation in Wenshan Region, with Wenshan City as the transportation center. There are two major long-distance bus stations in Wenshan City: Beiqiao Bus Station(北桥客运站) and North Bus Station (城北客运站), offering buses to  Nanning, Yulin, Baise in Guangxi, Xingyi in Guizhou, and to Kaiyuan, Gejiu, Mengzi, Pingbian and Hekou in Honghe Region. 

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Long Distance Buses in Yuxi

Highways in Yuxi area go to all directions. The total mileage of highways and roads have reached 15113 kilometers, of which 232.7 kilometers are highways and the annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 10.316 million and 20.568 million respectively. There are some superhighways and highways for people to go out and around. The Yuxi Central Bus Station offers long-distance buses to Dali, Mengzi, Kaiyuan, Gejiu, Wenshan, Hekou and Kunming, etc, but schedules change frequently. It also offers bus schedules to Yuanjiang County.

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