Nujiang Transportation – By Long-distance Bus

Traffic in Nujiang is not very convenient, without train and plane. Here are some transfer modes for you to plan an easier travel. There are several ways to go to Nujiang: 1. Kunming bus to Nujiang (Liuku or Gongshan); 2. Kunming-Baoshan-Liuku (Kunming-Baoshan by air); 3. Kunming-Dali-Liuku (Kunming-Dali by air).


Kunming is 581 kilometers from Liuku, the capital of Nujiang Prefecture. There is a direct sleeper bus and a high speed train available, which takes about 13 hours. Kunming Xiyuan Bus Station(昆明西苑汽车客运站) operates three bus shifts a day, starting at 9: 00 (high speed bus with air conditioner), 18: 00 and 19: 00; Kunming Nanyao Bus Station (昆明南窑汽车站) has one bus shift every day, departing at 16: 30. Kunming West Bus Station (昆明西站) has a daily departure at 18: 00. Nujiang Grand Canyon Hotel (Fengning Community) in Kunming also provides a high-speed bus shift at 8: 00 every day.  The bus fare is 105 yuan for common bus shift and 110 yuan for high-speed bus shift, while the price during Spring Festival can be increased  to about 160 yuan.


Kunming Xiyuan Passenger Station has a direct sleeper bus to Gongshan County at 18: 00 every day, covering 827 kilometers and taking about 18 hours. The normal fare is 144 yuan.


There are daily buses to Liuku from Xiaguan city of Dali. It takes 8 hours and the fare is 35 yuan.


There are daily flights from Kunming to Baoshan and the ticket price is about 440 yuan. Baoshan is 120km from Liuku, which is about 4 hours away. Tourist can take plane to Baoshan then get to Liuku by bus.

Major Long-distance Bus Stations in Nujiang

There are two major long-distance bus stations in Nujiang, providing long-distance buses to Kunming, Dali, Tengchong, Ruili and Baoshan, as well as regulat buses to regional counties and town such as Bingzhongluo Town, Gongshan County and Lanping County. 

  • Liuku Passenger Station (六库客运站 )
    Address: No. 20, Xiangyang East Road, Lushui County, Nujiang (怒江泸水县向阳东路20号)
    Tel: (0886)3621289
  • Fugong Bus Station (福贡汽车站 )
    Address: No. 5, Shiyue Street, Fugong County, Nujiang (怒江福贡县石月街5号)
    Tel: (0886)3411983

Bus Schedule of Liuku Passenger Station

Departure Destination Mileage (km) Departure Time Fare(CNY)
Liuku Gongshan 248km 11:10,12:00,13:00,6:20,7:00,7:50,9:00,9:50,10:30 65.00
Liuku Xiaguang (Dali) 241km 6:20,7:00,7:40,8:20,9:00,9:40,10:20,11:0,11:40,12:20,13:0,13:40,14:20 67.00
Liuku Tengchong 217km 6:20,7:10,8:00,10:00,12:00 60.00
Liuku Yunlong  177km 8:30 44.00
Liuku Bingzhongluo 300km 8:30 74.00
Liuku Lanping 357km 12:20,13:00,6:20,7:20,8:20,9:20,10:20,11:20 66.00
Liuku Fugong 134km 14:30,15:30,16:30,7:30,8:40,9:30,10:50,11:40,12:30,13:40, 40
Liuku Shanyang 150km 13:40 40.00
Liuku Baoshan 157km 13:40,14:30,15:30,7:30,8:30,9:30,10:20,11:10,12:00,12:50, 38.00
Liuku Ruili 355km 7:20 91.00

Bus Schedule of Fugong Bus Station

Departure Destination Mileage (km) Departure Time Fare(CNY)
Fugong  Liuku 134km 13:30,14:30,15:30,7:00,7:50,8:30,9:10,10:00,11:50,12:30 36.00
Fugong Xiaguang (Dali) 375km 17:30 110.00
Fugong Kunming West 715km 16:30,17:00 219.00

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