Xishuangbanna Transportation – By Long-distance Bus 

Xishuangbanna is provided with relatively convenient road traffic for your Yunnan Travel. National roads 213 and 214 intersect in Jinghong city. All villages and towns are connected by roads, and there are three exit roads connecting Xishuangbanna to Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. There are three bus stations in Jinghong City: Jinghong Bus Station(景洪汽车客运站), Banna Bus Station(版纳客运站) and Jinghong South Bus Station(景洪客运南站), operating inter-provincial buses to Nanning, Chengdu and Hengyang, etc., as well as some international passenger buses to Laos and Myanmar.

Xishuangbanna Bus Stations

  • Jinghong Bus Station (north station) 景洪汽车客运站 (北站): It is the largest long-distance bus station in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna. Located at No.16 Mengle Avenue, Jinghong City, it is a national first-class passenger terminal, which mainly operates international, intra-provincial and inter-provincial bus lines, with 224 daily bus lines. All cities in the province are basically covered in an all-round way. The main routes outside the province are Hengyang in Hunan, Nanning in Guangxi and Chengdu in Sichuan. The international routes are Luang Namtha in Laos and Nampan County in Myanmar. It has jurisdiction over four sub-stations: Menghan Bus Station, Menglong Bus Station, Mengyang Bus Station and Puwen Bus Station.
    Address: No.16 Mengle Avenue, Jinghong City 景洪市勐泐大道16号 
  • Jinghong South Bus Station(景洪客运南站): It is located at No.77 Menghai Road, Jinghong City. It mainly operates high-speed and direct buses to Kunming, with 20 bus schedules daily. Kunming is 560km from Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, and it takes about 8-10 hours for taking a bus trip. There may be several frontier inspections along the trip that require identification cards or passport.
    Address: No.77, Menghai Road, Jinghong City 景洪市勐海路77号 
  • Banna Bus Station(版纳客运站) : It is located at No.3 civil air route, and mainly operates buses to the nearby counties and towns such as Menghai County, Mengla County, Mengwang Town, Jinuoshan Jino Ethnic Town and Daluo Town, etc. It also has buses to the Wild Elephant Valley and Xishuangbanna  Tropical Botanical Garden.
    Address: No.3, Minhang Road, Jinghong City 景洪市民航路3号
    Tel:0691- 2136288, 0691-2124427 

Xishuangbanna Long-distance Bus Schedule

Departure Time Departure/Destination Mileage (km) Fare(CNY)
Every 15 minutes from 6:15 to 18:00

Jinghong Bus Station


132 41

Jinghong Bus Station


769km 227

Jinghong Bus Station

Hengyang City

2476km 796

Jinghong Bus Station


1429 423

Jinghong Bus Station

Xixiangtang Bus Station

17 hours 450

Jinghong Bus Station

Luang prabang, Laos

520 113

It is hard to list all the long-distance bus schedules from Jinghong, Xishuangbanna. If you want the information about the bus schedules to cities and places in and out of Xishuangbanna, please contact us, we will be pleasure to help.

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