Yunnan Regional Food

Yunnan cuisine is a series of Yunnan regional food with bright feature of ethnic minorities among the Chinese cuisine, which has its own unique style because of its geographic location, diverse local plant and animal species and numerous ethnic minority groups. The cuisine in northeast Yunnan has a similar cooking method and flavor with that of Sichuan cuisine. The cuisine of ethnic minorities constitutes the principal part of the cuisine in western and southwest Yunnan. While the cuisine in south Yunnan is the essence of Yunnan cuisine.

1. Northeast Yunnan Food

2. Central Yunnan Food

3. West and Southwest Yunnan Food

4. South Yunnan Food

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Yunnan Food Culture Travel

For people who are interested in Yunnan food, it is a good choice to take a Yunnan food culture tour, which can help the tourists better understand Yunnan cuisine. Yunnan cuisinealso named as Dian cuisine, is an compound of the cuisines of the Han people and other ethnic groups in Yunnan Province, southwest China. With the largest number of ethnic minority groups, Yunnan cuisine is vastly varied. Many Yunnan dishes are quite spicy, and mushrooms are featured prominently. The ingredient is diverse and rare, like flowers, ferns, algae and some insects. Curious about Yunnan food? Why not start a Yunnan food tour?

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