Bamei Village Dining

 Bamei food is special and unique.Rice wine(米酒), mushrooms, glutinous rice dumpling Zongzi, five color glutinous rice(五花米饭), Sour Bamboo Shoots with Snails, Roasted Fish(烤罗非鱼), Sour Bamboo Shoot and Chicken(岜夯鸡), bacon(腊肉), eggs and corns are the best choices for you to enjoy the Bamei people’s life. The local food are pollution-free and original. They must be healthy and favorable. Travelers can taste the featured Zhuang food and their simple meal in Zhuang’s house.

What to Eat in Bamei Village

1.Zhuangs Five-color Glutinous Rice (壮家花糯米)

Zhuangs take paddy rice as the staple food. They are good at making glutinous food, among which five-color glutinous rice, puffed rice candy, and Kaofang (big glutinous dumpling) are delicacies in festive occasions. The colorful rice is dyed with the extract of plants with different colors, and then cooked. The glutinous dumpling has many varieties, and is big in size. It usually weighs about 1 kg each, in the shape of a pillow.

2.Bahang Chicken (岜夯鸡)

Bahang Chicken (岜夯鸡) is a local dish in Guangnan county, “Bahang”  is the Zhuang language, which means cooking chicken with sour-soup. The recipe for Bahang Chicken is refined, elegant and the condiments is various.

3.Deep Fried Cake (油炸粑)

It is a kind of cake made of rice flour. Compared with chili and salt, it is popular among local people.


Where to Eat in Bamei Village

There are severals agritainments in Bamei Village for travelers. Travelers can enjoy the original meal of Zhuang people in their houses.

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