Dajiujia (Fried Rice Cake Slices) from Tengchong County

Dajiujia (Fried Rice Cake Slices) is a famous snack of Tengchong County, but can be enjoyed in many restaurants in Kunming. Rice cakes made of high quality rice are sliced and cooked with fresh meat, ham, eggs, dried mushrooms and prickled hot peppers, it tastes soft, fragrant and appetizing. A legend goes that Yongli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu Youlang was chased by Wu Sangui to Tengchong. The emperor was hungry and tired. The villagers feasted him with the cooked rice cakes. The emperor highly praised the food again and again, saying that the food saved his life. So the cooked rice cakes are named “Dajiujia” (saving the life of emperor).