Cangyuan County Administrative Divisions

Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County has jurisdiction over 4 towns, 6 townships and a state-owned farm.

4 towns: Mengdong Township(勐董镇)、Yanshuai Township(岩帅镇)、Mengsheng Township(勐省镇)、Mangka Township(芒卡镇).

6 villages: Dantian Village、(单田乡)、Nuoliang Village(糯良乡)、Menglai Village(勐来乡)、Mengjiao Dai, Yi and Lahu Village(勐角傣族彝族拉祜族乡)、Banhong Village(班洪乡)、Banlao Village(班老乡).

State-owned farm: Mengsheng farm(勐省农场).

It is further divided into 93 administrative villages and communities, 614 natural villages and 841 villager groups.