Cangyuan County Education

Here are some schools in Cangyuan.

English name Chinese name Address
Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County Ethnic Middle School 沧源佤族自治县民族中学 The passage of Yongba, Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县永坝段)
Mengsheng Middle School 勐省中学 Liangmeng Line, Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县粮勐线)
Agricultural Broadcasting School of  Cangyuan 沧源佤族自治县农业广播学校 Yuanhu Road, Cangyuan, Lincang (中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县源湖路)
Mengsheng Farm Middle School 勐省农场中学 The Passage of Nongba, Cangyuan, Lincang, (中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县农八段)
Nuoliang Village Middle School 糯良乡中学 The Passage of Xiaoduan, Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县小贺段)
Administrative School of Cangyuan 沧源佤族自治县行政学校 Yuanhu Road, Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县源湖路)
Yanshuai Middle School 岩帅中学 The Passage of Yanjian, Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县岩建段)
Cangyuan Ethnic Primary School 沧源民族小学 Cangyuan Autonomous County(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县)
The County Primary School of Cangyuan 沧源佤族自治县县城小学 Provincial highway 314 Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县314省道)
Mangna Primary School 芒那小学 County highway 262, Cangyuan, Lincang(中国云南省临沧市沧源佤族自治县262县道)

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