Cangyuan County Culture

Ethnic groups

Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County has Wa(佤族)、Yi(彝族)、Dai(傣族)、Lahu(拉祜族)、Zhuang(壮族)、Bai(白族)、Hui(回族)、Lisu(傈僳族)、Miao(苗族)、Han(汉族) ect, more than 20 ethnic groups.

Wa(佤族): One of the minorities in China, people speaks Wa language. Wa people mainly live in Cangyuan, Ximeng(西盟), Menglian(孟连), Gengma(耿马), Lancang(澜沧), Shuangjiang(双江), Zhenkang(镇康), Yongde(永德) and other counties in the southwest Yunnan province, as well as Myanmar's Wabang(佤邦) and Shanbang(掸邦). There are also some Wa people scattered in Baoshan city, Xishuangbanna(西双版纳), Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture(大理白族自治州), Kunming city and Dehong Dai, Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture(德宏傣景颇族自治州). The main traditional festivals are New Fire festival, New Rice festival and The Sowing Seeds festival.