Dali Ancient Town Overview

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 大理古城
  • Elevation: 2,007 m
  • Population: 40,000
  • Postal code: 671000

What to Visit in Dali Old Town

There are many historic sites, such as Wenxian Building, Chongsheng Temple, Wuhua Tower, Grand Marshal Residence of the President, Caicun Village, Jianggong Temple, Wuhua Buidling, Foreigners' Street, Dali Christian Church.

History of Dali Old Town

Dali Old Town has a long history. About the year 738 AD, it became the seat of the Kingdom of Nanzhao. The Nanzhou Kingdom had control of important trade routes to Southeast and South Asia. 

Ethnic Groups in Dali Old Town

It was inhabited by 40,000 people and over 6 ethnic groups live here, but the main ethnic group is Bai.


The major festivals around Dali Old Town are the Torch Festival, Flower Festival (Huazhaojie), Dongyuegong Temple Fair, Visiting Three Spirits and March Street Festival (Sanyuejie).

Where to Stay in Dali Old Town

There are hundreds of hotels situate in Dali Old Town. Travelers could choose from international standard hotels or local economic hotels, ranging from 5 star to 3 star.

Best Time to Visit

March to April is the best time to visit Dali Old Town. There are many festivals and activities of Bai nationality during March and April, traveling in March and April, people will experience the rich local folk customs. And Dali in March is very beautiful, whether you want to travel Dali Ancient City, climb Cangshan Mountain or pay visit to Erhai Lake, it is very suitable to travel in March.

Dali Transportation

 Increasingly modern transportation system makes it easier than ever for people living ere to communicate with the outside world.

What to Eat

Each place has its own special dishes in China. When you get to Dali Old Town, sand-pot fish, Er Kuai, Rushan, Dali bittern duck, Dali rice cake, roasted bean curd are good choices.