Fengqing County Dining

Fengqing is known as the hometown of Dianhong black tea in the world. However, you can not only drink Fengqing black tea here, but also eat tasty and distinctive local food. Unique local food can make you feel people's passion for life in Fengqing. Such as, Fengqing Jizong Mushroom (鸡枞), Ersi(饵丝), bacon(腊肉), Fengqing Babajuan(粑粑卷), safflower tea(红花油茶), Shutoucai(树头菜), Mao Tofu(毛豆腐), Liangxiao(凉宵), Fermented Bean Curd(酱豆腐), peas powder(豌豆油粉) and various local snacks you may never heard, but you will love them. 

Yunnan Noodle(小锅米线)

It is one of the ways to make rice noodle, the specialty rice noodle in Fengqing, Yunnan. The Rice  Noodle Store in Fengqing can be seen everywhere. You can eat for breakfast, lunch even dinner.

Rice Noodle Roll(卷粉)

Like rice noodle, rice noodle roll is also made of rice. It is large, thin and disk type. You can eat directly with seasoning, or boil it like rice noodle.

Fengqing Jizong Mushroom(鸡枞)

The Jizong Mushroom is one of the types of top-class mushroom and a rare mushroom on the mountain. You can fry it with meat or ham, fry it alone, or make soup with it. No matter how you cook it, it always tastes fresh and amazing. 

Shu Toucai(树头菜)

Shu Toucai is edible and medicinal as early as the Tang Dynasty, with the "king of mountain vegetables" reputation. Shu Toucai is good for stomach, kidney. It can also neutralize blood pressure. It is a tasty vegetable.


Liangxiao looks like tadpole, with ice water and sugar, it is popular in Fengqing in summer.

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