Fengqing County Tours Packages

Fengqing is famous for its Dianhong Black Tea. Fengqing county has a long history of tea planting and tea making. There are ancient tea trees with 3,200-year-old history in Xiangzhuqing(香竹箐), Xiaowan town(小湾镇), Fengqing county. And there are over 20,000 mu of ancient tea garden and over 30,000 mu of wild ancient tea trees, which is cultivated before the republic of China. Moreover, like Yunnan other areas, there are many ethnic groups in Fengqing. More than 20 ethnic groups live here. Therefore, we organize the tour packages around the tea culture and minorities culture.

Here are two tour packages.

1. 2-Day Fengqing Dianhong Black Tea Culture Tour from Dali

Day 1 Dali-Nanjian-Fengqing

Day 2 Fengqing-Dali

2. 6-Day Lincang Minority Discovery Tour with the Ancient Villages in Fengqing and the Wa Ethnic Culture of Cangyuan

Day 1 Lincang-Fengqing

Day 2 Fengqing(Lushi ancient town and village of Tangfang )

Day 3 Fengqing-Yunxian(Gumo village)

Day 4 Yunxian-Gengma-Cangyuan

Day 5 Cangyuan( Guangyun Buddhist Temple and Wengding village)

Day 6 Cangyuan Departure