Fugong County Tours Packages

Travelers, especially visitors who are inclined to adventure trip always regard three parallel longitudinal rivers as the top option. Fugong enjoys the unique and magnificent natural landscape, which is the integration of mountain, canyon and river. Otherwise, there are indigenous ethnic groups in Nujiang. In order to discovery the small town completely and deeply, Yunnan Exploration elaborately arranges divers several-day tours for travelers, such as 6 Days Nujiang Grand Canyon Adventure with Bingzhongluo Hiking Tour, 5 Days Amazing Nujiang Valley and Biluo Mountain Trekking, 20 Days Yunnan Three Parallel Rivers Adventure Trekking Tour and 46 Days Yunnan Panorama Photography Tour with 25 Ethnic Minorities Discovery and Three Parallel Rivers Hiking Adventure etc. However, Fugong tour and tour packages can be planned based on personal specific needs.