Gejiu Dining

There are some local specialties you must taste when you are traveling in Gejiu. In this part, we will introduce you some local specialties and where you can get them in Gejiu City. 

What to Eat in Gejiu

1. Black Salted Turnip大头菜

Black salted turnip is the specialty of Gejiu, also known as white mustard, yellow mustard. Famous for its freshness, sweetness, sourness and palatability, black salted turnip was first made in the early 1940s, and was produced by a private workshop, commonly known as "Geda疙瘩". It can be eaten directly or used as a seasoning to various meats after pickling.

2. Laochang Sow Thistle老厂苦菜

It is the local speciaty of Laochang Town of Gejiu个旧老厂镇. Laochang sow thistle is known for their unique taste. In most people's mind, sow thistle is named for its bitter taste. However, in Laochang town with the highest elevation of 2,750 meters, a kind of peculiar sow thistle grows. It is not only not bitter in taste, but also easy to cook.

3. Doumuge Spiced Chicken斗姆阁卤鸡

Doumuge spiced chicken is a famous food with the characteristic of Kafang town in Gejiu个旧卡房镇. It was appraised as "Yunnan famous snack" by Yunnan cuisine association in 2003. People who have tasted it are all intoxicated by its soft meat, unique taste and endless aftertaste. It is very popular in the local and attracts many diners in and out of the province.

4. Gejiu Grill个旧烧烤

First of all, we need to talk about Gejiu barbecue. In Gejiu, there is a barbecue army, they usually start business in the morning and close until 2 or 3 o 'clock in the late night. This makes people who have a special preference for barbecue can enjoy delicious food anytime and anywhere. Gejiu barbecue not only have long business hours, but a wide range of varieties, among which the most popular is the roasting tofu. Besides the tofu, there are potatos, leeks, pork, beef, chicken claws, chicken wings and various edible insects.

Where to Eat in Gejiu

1. Yuanxing Restaurant源兴餐厅

Address: No.230, Jinhu West Road, Gejiu City个旧市金湖西路230号

Tel: 0873-2128129

2. Babao Restaurant八宝餐厅

Address: Jinhu Lake Park, Jinhu East Road, Gejiu City个旧市金湖东路金湖公园

Tel: 13887346929

3. Faguolou Restaurant法国楼餐厅

Address: No.357. Jinhu West Road, Gejiu个旧市金湖西路357号

Tel: 0873-2133688

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