Kaiyuan Overview

Kaiyuan overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction of Kaiyuan City. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Kaiyuan.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Kaiyuan City

• Chinese Name: 开远市

• Keywords: National Health City

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 1946.91 square kilometers

• Population: 334,100

• Zip Code: 661600

• Area Code: 0873

• Language: Yunnan Dialect, Hani, Yi and Miao Language

Geographical Location

Kaiyuan is located in the southeast of Yunnan and the middle east of Honghe Prefecture. It borders Yanshan county and Qiubei county to the east, Mengzi and Gejiu to the south, Jianshui to the west and Mile to the north, and is the traffic fort and center city of southeast Yunnan. It is 66 kilometers from east to west, 52 kilometers from south to north, covering an area of 1946.91 square kilometers. Among them, mountain area is 1405 square kilometers, 72% of total area; basin area is 543.2 square kilometers, 28% of total area. The mountain ranges are north - south, high in the southeast and low in the northwest, ups and downs. The highest point is 2775.6 meters and the lowest is 950 meters. The relative height difference is 1825.6 meters, and the three-dimensional topography feature is prominent.


Geographic coordinate is between 23°30′ - 23°58′ north latitude and 103°04′ - 103°43′ east longitude. Located in the low-latitude plateau, Kaiyuan enjoys a subtropical highland monsoon climate. Due to geographical location of low latitude and high altitude, as well as the influence of monsoon activity. Kaiyuan climate forms the two features. One is long summer but without winter, autumn and spring connect; The other one is clear dry and wet season and prone to drought throughout the year.

The Best Time to Visit Kaiyuan

If you want, travel in Kaiyuan is available all the year round. However, Kaiyuan is one of the three less rainy areas in Yunnan province. Ultraviolet ray is strong in summer. Try to Try to avoid hot summer, the best time to travel is spring, autumn and winter. Especially in winter, with clear and temperate weather, tourists can go to Yuanyang and pay a visit to Hani rice terrace. 

Administrative Divisions

In 2011, Kaiyuan city has jurisdiction over 2 subdistricts, 2 towns, 2 townships and 1 ethnic town. Lebaidao Subdistrict乐百道街道, Lingquan Subdistrict灵泉街道, Xiaolongtan Town小龙潭镇, Zhongheying Town中和营镇, Yangjie Township羊街乡, Beige Township碑格乡 and Dazhuang Hui Ethnic Town大庄回族乡.

Ethnic Groups

There are 33 ethnic groups living in Kaiyuan, including Han, Yi, Miao, Hui and Zhuang, etc. Among them, Yi, Miao, Hui and Zhuang, four minorities inhabit in Kaiyuan for generations. Ethnic minority population is around 60% of total population.

Top Attractions

There are attractions in Kaiyuan including Zhimahu Lake Forest Park灵芝湖森林公园, Nandong Cave Scenic Area南洞风景区, Subtropical Botanical Garden亚热带植物园, Lujiang Park泸江公园, Majie Confucious Temple马街文庙, Sanjiao Palace三教殿, Guisheng Temple归圣寺, Jiutian Pavillion九天阁, Dazhuang Mosque大庄清真寺 and Yunwo Temple云窝寺, etc.


You have two ways to get in Kaiyuan, long-distance bus and train. Non-stop long-distance buses are available, but not for trains, there is no railway station in Kaiyuan. if you want to take train, you are suggested to transfer in Mengzi. Besides, Mengzi airport, Mile airport and Yuanyang airport in Honghe Prefecture are under plan and construction.

Recommended Hotels in Kaiyuan

1. South Yunnan Hotel开远滇南大酒店

Address: No.129, Lingquan West Road, Kaiyuan开远市灵泉西路219号

Tel: 0873-7133888

Starting Price: 139 CNY

2. Quanlin Hotel开远全林酒店

Address: No.1, Jianmin Road, Kaiyuan开远市健民路1号

Tel: 0873-3062166

Starting price: 114CNY


Kaiyuan is rich in coal resources. In Xiaolongtan, 20 kilometers from urban area, lignite coal reserves of 1.2 billion tons, which is the largest open-pit coal mine in Yunnan with an annual capacity of 6.3 million tons. There is a 600,000 kw sinkhole power plant. Cement, fertilizer, sugar, paper, wine, food and other industries have begun to take shape. In 2011, Kaiyuan achieved an added value of 4.03 billion yuan and a total of 1.19 billion yuan in profits and taxes.

More History and Culture in Kaiyuan.

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